Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 November 2022

Researchers tell ONS “Your Data on Vaccine Mortality is Flawed” & demand Public Withdrawal of Dataset

Four researchers have written to the UK Office of National Statistics (“ONS”) pointing out that ONS’s data on vaccine mortality is not fit for purpose:

“All of the anomalies in the dataset introduce bias in favour of analyses supporting vaccine ‘safety and efficacy’. The fact that these data are being used as continued justification for the efficacy and safety of the covid vaccines is therefore now a matter of national concern and scandal,” they wrote.

The four researchers are Professor Norman Fenton and Professor Martin Neil from Queen Mary University, London, Dr. Clare Craig, an independent researcher, and Scott McLachlan of Kings College, London.

The researchers’ letter is a result of a report they published on 8 November 2022 which detailed the anomalies in ONS data.  The report concluded:

The ONS vaccine mortality surveillance reports for England have numerous anomalies which bias its results strongly toward underestimating mortality rates for the vaccinated and overestimating mortality rates for the unvaccinated.

Overall, the ONS dataset is so compromised with inaccuracies, anomalies, and biases that it cannot be used to reliably determine vaccine efficacy and safety.

What the ONS Mortality Covid-19 Surveillance Data can tell us about Vaccine Safety and Efficacy, Fenton N et al, 8 November 2022

Subsequently, the four researchers have written to the ONS calling for the public withdrawal of the ONS ‘Deaths by vaccination status, England’ dataset and the retraction of any claims made by others that are based on it.

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