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Ontario’s Medical Regulatory Body Attempts to Extend Covid Emergency After Advising Vaccine Hesitancy Should Be Viewed as a Mental Illness

After disappearing behind the veil of Covid for over two years, it seems seasonal flu is officially back.

Echoing moves recently made by Colorado’s Governor through an Executive Order, Canada’s College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (“CPSO”) attempts to prolong the Covid “emergency” by updating their Covid advice to include “flu symptoms” and how to manage the “crisis” in paediatric hospitals. 

“Physicians may be asked to practice outside their usual scope of practice to support responding to this crisis,” CPSO said.

Last month, CPSO updated their advice to state that physicians should consider treating vaccine hesitancy with psychotherapy or drugs. By so doing, they officially endorse and promote the false ideology that exercising the right of refusal is comparable to having a mental illness.

Meanwhile, in what could be considered a reflection of what is happening in Canada’s vaccinated population at large, Dr. William Makis has now identified 93 working-age doctors, mostly young, that have died suddenly or unexpectedly post-Covid injection.

Ontario Extending Covid Emergency by Stealth

The CPSO is the regulatory body, or college, for medical doctors in Ontario, Canada. It issues certificates of registration for all doctors to allow them to practise medicine and also: monitors and maintains standards of practice; investigates complaints against doctors; and, disciplines those found guilty of professional misconduct and/or incompetence.

The CPSO updated their guidance for physicians on Friday.  The updates, indicated by an asterisk, relate to paediatric hospitals and restrictions on people in care.

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