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Is online better than In-Person Tutoring

Learning is one of the most controversial topics in the last few years. The appearance of the coronavirus imposed some inevitable changes in not only the way we live and the way we entertain ourselves, but it also gave us a new perspective on education. Most institutions decided to continue their processes in remote mode rather than in person because of the situation and mostly for health reasons. This is a phenomenon happening not only within official institutions but when it comes to tutoring as well. Tutorextra is a platform that has tutors from the UK for every subject available for both traditional private in-person lessons, as well as online lessons.

The older generations, of course, tried to protect the traditional method of teaching, and many people from the younger generation loved the new modern education mode from a distance and in the comfort of their beds. The older generations have the right to rebel, but let us see some statistics gathered by all types of surveys conducted in different universities and platforms.

  1. More students enjoy online classes

A survey has found that more than 70% of students love online classes. What is more, they not only love them, but they prefer them compared to the typical in-person education services in a classroom. The reasons mentioned vary from fewer expenses to more flexibility around the schedule of a working undergraduate.

  1. 98% maintain the option of distance learning

Most educational institutions and personal private tutors have decided to go back to the traditional in-person classroom setting. However, most of them have decided to keep distance teaching as an option for the tutees as well. Although the appearance of the coronavirus imposed this change, it seems that the process of studying virtually is here to stay for the future.

  1. Tutors believe online tutoring is even better

Forbes conducted a survey that shows 80% of tutors believe that education in online classrooms is not only equal but taking into account some specific aspects, it can be considered a better option for both tutors and tutees.

Pros of online tutoring

  • Convenience

Online teaching is one of the biggest changes in the educational system ever made. Such a technological jump proves that technologies are friends to students rather than their enemies. Tutoring virtually allows tutees to experience the studying process from the comfort of their homes.

Tutees are different in their personalities and studying habits as well. Virtual teaching gives them the chance to explore their best focusing techniques and learning manners as well as improve their study habits most conveniently, and provides them with safety when it comes to commuting.

  • Money Saving 

Most undergraduates in university claim that teaching in virtual classrooms has saved them a lot of money as well as time. It is a fact shown by statistics that online programs, courses, and private lessons cost much less than traditional classroom lessons.

Distance education became popular amongst financially conscious undergraduates because it saves them money for commuting and money for rent. A student can learn languages and maths and even graduate from university from tutoring in online classrooms without moving to another location and having to travel every day to the educational institution or the space of their in-person tutor.

  • Flexibility

It is a fact that many undergraduates work and many working people decide to get back to their studies at some point in their life. The flexible nature of studying virtually compared to the steady schedule of in-person tutoring pops up here. 

Internet classes usually have a recording option and students can enjoy their lessons whenever possible Also, most undergraduates and scholars who take tutoring lessons claim that they find it very hard and almost impossible to combine the life of a student with the life of a working adult, although, in theory, it might seem like child’s play.

  • Revision

Because virtual education offers us the possibility of recording the classes, most students claim that preparing for their tests and exams is less stressful, as they can go through their lessons easily and again at any time they want to revise. Here, virtual teaching and studying surely can get a few more points for better results when testing knowledge and skills.

Cons of online tutoring

  • Isolation mode

It is a well-known fact that young people, especially those who are still in their teenage years need proper interaction. Since this is one of its biggest weaknesses, learning in virtual classrooms has to be pointed out. In-person learning gives young people the opportunity to enjoy the company of people their age, and people who can give them a new perspective on life and a new vision on a specific topic. 

Being isolated, especially for those who work well in  face-to-face tutoring, can be devastating for their social skills and manners of interaction.

  • Technical Issues

Virtual education is great when everything goes as normal. However, when there is a technical issue, you can only dream of a moment of happiness. In-person lessons surely shows its strengths here. This teaching process can also be interfered with by different technical issues, but generally, the process will go on without much drama. Here is a massive disadvantage to online learning and a great plus to in-person education.

  • Health issues

Online tutoring has many benefits, but what we have to admit is that our health suffers from it. Learning in-person means more activity time, even if it is just walking to a specific spot whereas virtual simply means staying in the comfort of your bed, combined with the isolation mode, “activated” by most online students.

Also, what is not to be forgotten is that learning in-person is generally less harmful to your eyes. Tutoring virtually means more screen time during the day, which can cause serious, long-term, and inevitable harm to our sight.

Whether online or in-person works best for you, you can hire the best local tutor for your physical or virtual private lessons on TutorExtra.

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