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Efficiency Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Is your startup or small business in need of a few efficiency improvements? If so, you’re like most other entrepreneurs, the vast majority of whom seek to keep costs as low as possible during the first few years of operations. The good news is that there are all sorts of strategies for getting the most out of every dollar spent. Owners get plenty of traction from taking a few targeted, specific steps to make their enterprises as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Businesses that operate vehicle fleets rely on devices like high-tech dashcams for increased storage and instant access to footage. In the same vein, entrepreneurs who post content on blogs or websites leverage the power of sophisticated voice-to-text apps that save enormous amounts of time. Other tactics that pay major dividends include selling digital instead of physical products, sharing office space, outsourcing IT and accounting chores, and taking advantage of the latest advances in CRM (customer relationship management) software. Explore the following techniques that have the potential to unleash your business’s true potential for high efficiency.

Dash Cams for Commercial Fleets

Getting started in the transport fleet industry is a major challenge, but new owners can get a leap on their competition by equipping all vehicles with wifi enabled dash cameras, one of the simplest fleet solutions on the market today. Many of the advantages are obvious, but some aren’t. The small wireless units give fleet managers rapid access to all filmed footage as well as much more storage capacity of recorded events. It’s important for supervisors to understand the main differences between old-fashioned wired devices and newer wireless ones. Choosing the highest quality wireless cams for your vehicles is an essential part of running an efficient operation.

Voice-to-Text Software

For active website posters and business owners who squeeze the most they can get out of social media, V2T products are a must. Fortunately, the industry has come a long way in the past few years, with newer offerings that don’t take so long to master. After just a few days of practice, any user can start getting excellent, accurate results from the better V2T products. The results are long-ranging because owners no longer need to spend hours creating original content or shelling out serious money to professional writers. With V2T, a typical 500-word blog post or short article takes about 5 minutes to create, edit, and post. Without V2T, that same post can require at least a half-hour.

Digital Products

Selling digital instead of physical products is perhaps the single most powerful way to boost the potential efficiency level of a new business. Some people make a career from digital marketing alone so of course adding it to your business will be beneficial. Intangibles don’t require inventory or lead to expenses for storage, oversight, and accounting. For this reason alone, one of the most popular new kinds of enterprises is the e-commerce store. Note that some digital sellers create their own goods, like original e-books, apps, or photos. Others opt to resell digital products that they purchase from someone else. A large part of the digital goods and services sector involves driving customers to existing e-products companies.

Shared Office Space

If you can’t make a home-based business work, that doesn’t mean the only alternative is to sign a lease for physical office space. Instead, many owners choose to do their jobs from shared space. Sharing can deliver about 50% savings on typical office rent rates. Basically, the process is similar to renting a desk for a fixed number of hours per week, often in business coop locations that are specifically designed to accommodate professionals who need minimal support. A common office sharing approach is to pay for 20 hours of access to space each week, with free computer hookup, security, and parking provided for the price.

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