Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 November 2022

The big elephant in the room everyone ignores

Why do people live longer in remote, countryside areas rather than in cities? That’s because cities drain us of life force and energy. Every single day, people face colossal amount of ways of control through: Media, poor food choices, Big Pharma drugs, as well as substance abuse, relationship and financial stress, not to mention polluted environments, chemtrails. It’s no wonder that the human being has become an individual with no interest in life or the mission we are here for.

Gluten is one of the main killers. It is unsuitable for everyone’s consumption. Gluten blocks synthetic processes in the body –  the production and absorption of iron, also destroys amino acids. Processed and GMO foods sterilise our bodies and modify our genetics. Products containing wheat can cause osteoporosis and arthritis as it creates bone deficiency. It’s a possibility, that people are in slavery to other forces that source our energy (even organs), as well as resources of our planet. For them, our planet and humanity are an energetic food and energy supply.

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