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What the flock? Sheep walk around in a circle ‘for TWELVE DAYS without stopping’ on Chinese farm

A flock of sheep has been caught walking round in a circle for a whole twelve days without stopping.

The sheep can be seen ambling around in a continuous clockwise motion inside their pen in northern China in the footage taken in early November.

The perplexing spectacle has left people shocked and confused as they try to make sense of the behaviour in the viral clip.

The owner of the sheep, Ms Miao, was left dumbfounded by her flock’s pattern.

Ms Miao said it started with just a few sheep before other members of the flock joined in.

In the footage, filmed from CCTV, hundreds of sheep can be seen following one another around in a circle.

Other sheep are standing in the middle of a circle, with some eventually deciding to join the display. Others remained at the very centre of the circle staying completely still.

The mysterious videos were filmed in the city of Baotou in Inner Mongolia on November 4.

There are 34 sheep pens at the farm, but only the sheep in the number 13 pen moved in the circulating spectacle.

It is unknown what caused the sheep to behave this way and produce this baffling display.

There is a disease that causes some animals to appear disorientated and start circling. Listeriosis can inflame one side of the brain and cause the sheep to behave in an odd way.

Sheep in East Sussex caused a similar stir last year when they were spotted standing in concentric circles.

However, this time a sheep snacker, a type of livestock feeder, had caused the display after dispensing the food in a circle across the field.

Scientists have long studied as to why some other animals like sharks and turtles move in circular patterns. However, they are yet to land on a conclusion as to the reason.

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