Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 November 2022

Netherlands government taken to court over David Icke ban

David Icke is going to the court in preliminary relief proceedings now that the IND [Immigration and Naturalisation Service]
has informed him that it will take six weeks to respond to his objection.
Icke is accused of Holocaust denial. He was discredited when he wanted to speak for Samen voor Nederland during a demonstration on Dam Square. The CIDI reacted furiously and then asked the municipality of Amsterdam to forbid him to speak. Halsema then requested the IND to investigate whether it was possible to deny Icke entry to the Netherlands, and this was done. David Icke has been banned from entering the entire Schengen area for the next two years. Icke is now going to court for this.
“The idea that you can restrict freedom of expression on grounds of public order is nonsense,” says professor of Public Order Law Prof. dr. Dr. John Brewer. According to Brouwer, David Icke has a good chance of winning. “Freedom of expression is enshrined in Article 7 of the Constitution,” says Brouwer.
“It is amazing that we have to fight this at all,” says Jeroen Pols. Pols became known during the lawsuit against the curfew. Initially he won the case but this was reversed the same day. Due to an amendment to the law, the curfew arrangement remained in effect. “The IND’s decision is unlawful. There is no legal basis and we will also demonstrate this in court,” says Pols.
Pols and Brouwer are not alone. Anonymous sources state that they have a good chance of being vindicated. Wim Voermans, Professor of Constitutional Law, thinks differently. “If you think that the presence of someone from abroad can lead to public order problems, you can do something about the admission at the front,” says Wim Voerman.
The IND announces that they will not make any statements about the David Icke case. This is for privacy.

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