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How to Get More Followers on Instagram Quickly?

Everyone’s heard the old axiom that good things come to those who wait, but sometimes, that’s not an option. Small businesses just getting off the ground, for example, can’t afford to spend hours every day carefully building an Instagram following for months before seeing any payoff, and aspiring influencers sometimes need a boost. This article will offer some insight into how to get more followers on Instagram quickly for those who don’t have the time to wait around and see whether the traditional methods will work.

Instagram Growth Services

By far the best way to get quick and legit instagram followers is to work with a reliable Instagram growth service. These companies pair customers with real Instagram users who want to like, follow, or view their posts and accounts, and the best part is that it takes just a few minutes to get new followers, not months. Customers just sign up for a follower package, pay for the purchase, then get results almost immediately.

Finding Safe and Reliable Services

There’s a caveat to the statements made above regarding the best way to get followers, and it’s that not all Instagram growth services are reputable and reliable. Some use bots or fake profiles. These black hat strategies don’t just leave customers with nothing to show for their money after Instagram finds and bans the accounts, either. It can place customers’ accounts at risk.

Business owners who want to get more followers quickly need to find legitimate services that won’t violate the platform’s terms and conditions. Safe, reliable Instagram growth services only work with real Instagram users who will stick around for the long haul. When looking for Instagram growth services, find a company that:

  •  Has at least a few years of experience
  • Offers guaranteed results
  • Has good customer support
  • Relies on a network of real IG users
  • Offers competitive prices

It’s also worth noting here that an Instagram growth service that specializes in instant followers should never ask customers for their passwords. Advertising agencies may need that information if account holders hire them to perform social media management services, but that’s not necessary to get followers quickly.

How to Get More Organic Followers

This may sound counterintuitive, but the best way to start building an organic following is still to purchase those initial follows, likes, and views. The reasoning is simple. Having more followers means that an account will be prioritized by Instagram’s algorithm and its posts will show up on more users’ feeds. This increases brand awareness and, if the account is posting high-value content, can start drawing in organic followers very quickly.

There’s a second reason that purchasing followers can help business owners start building organic followings, as well. It relies on a psychological phenomenon called social proof, which causes people to rely on the opinions of their peers when they are uncertain about what decision to make, themselves. If an account already has a lot of followers, that’s all the proof that many people need that it will be worth following.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Following Organically?

Anyone who has already tried to start and grow an Instagram business account with no help from professional marketers or growth services already knows that the process is long and frustrating. It can take months just to reach the 1,000 followers mark, even with an appropriate social media marketing strategy in place. Without one, it could take a year or longer.

The ability to give an account a head start will shorten those times significantly. Business owners that use Instagram growth services don’t need to purchase all of their followers. They just need enough instant followers to hit the ground running and convince the Instagram algorithm that their content is worth prioritizing in other people’s feeds. 

With this approach, business owners can spend just a small amount of money to start at the 1,000 followers benchmark instead of working for months to get there. Starting more followers creates a snowball effect that can propel an account into popularity incredibly fast.

Instant Followers Are Worth the Investment

People with personal Instagram accounts don’t have to worry about how long it takes to build an organic following and start getting Insta-famous. For business owners, influencers, artists, and other serious creators, though, that’s not the case. Investing in instant followers through an Instagram growth service will allow customers to bypass those frustrating initial stages of getting established so that creators can focus on things like building brand awareness and increasing customer conversion rates. It’s worth the money.

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