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Cult-Owned President Xi humiliates Cult subordinate Trudeau as he is caught on camera tearing strips off Canadian PM that their conversation at G20 ‘has been leaked to the papers…it’s not appropriate’

Toe-curling footage has emerged of Chinese President Xi Jinping humiliating Justin Trudeau with a dressing down on the sidelines of the G20 conference.

The two leaders were caught on camera having a heated discussion at the global summit in Bali today, with Xi tearing into the Canadian Prime Minister.

Xi appeared visibly frustrated as he confronted Trudeau about how details of an earlier meeting between them, which was held yesterday, had been leaked to the press by Canadian government sources.

To add to the tensions, a planned meeting between Rishi Sunak and Xi was called off today, hours after the new prime minister was urged not to ‘go soft’ on the Chinese premier.

Number 10 expected a ‘frank’ meeting with the ‘authoritarian leadership intent on reshaping the international order’ but there does not appear to be any thawing in relations between China and the West.

Canadian sources had reported that Trudeau raised ‘serious concerns’ with Xi over suspected domestic interference by China during their first talks together in more than three years.

But Xi, trying to mask his anger with a pointed smile, was filmed by Canadian journalists telling an increasingly awkward-looking Trudeau: ‘Everything that we discussed yesterday has been leaked to the papers and that’s not appropriate.’

A stunned Trudeau, almost at a loss for words, just nodded as Xi continued his rant through a translator. The Chinese President looked pointedly at Trudeau and added: ‘And that’s not the way the conversation was conducted.’

Trudeau, knowing that details of his meeting with Xi had been leaked by his Canadian government sources, did not address the Chinese President’s concerns and instead gave a hapless response.

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