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Low Booster Rates Show the U.K. is Slowly Coming to its Senses

Seemingly everyone’s adopted the Great Barrington Declaration now – the October 2020 statement that called for focused protection of the vulnerable rather than blanket one-size-fits-all interventions. We also appear to have reverted to the 2011 pandemic preparedness plan and the orthodox epidemiological approach that prevailed up until March 2020 is back in vogue.

The ‘pandemic’ involved the overturning of so much received wisdom without evidence. The untried and untested approach of lockdowns, masks and novel vaccines became the orthodox. Protection of the vulnerable, the build-up of herd immunity through infection of the fittest, became heresy.

Initially we were told that we would only vaccinate the elderly and vulnerable. We then proceeded to vaccinate everyone. Now we’re back to only vaccinating the over-50s and vulnerable.

Figure 1 shows the take up of the Autumn Booster campaign by age. In the 50-54 age-group only 29.3% have take up the option so far. In the over-70 age groups about 25% of those eligible have declined. Who would have predicted that two years ago? What do these figures say about trust in the health authorities?

Should we be surprised at this collapse in demand for Covid vaccines? Probably not. Figure 2 shows cumulative Covid Hospital admissions from March 19th 2020 to November 7th 2022. You can see that hospital admissions in recent months are running above the trend line – clearly, mass vaccination hasn’t made much difference, at least on this metric.

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