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Now eggs are RATIONED: Boxes SELL OUT in Lidl and Sainsbury’s and supermarkets resort to limiting shoppers to three cartons per customer as bird flu rages in farms (confirmed by a test not testing for it)

Supermarkets are rationing eggs and Wetherspoon is offering breakfast substitutes as supplies of eggs run low across the country.

Shoppers shared photos of signs at Lidl urging people to limit the number of eggs they buy amid the country’s worst ever bird flu crisis.

Shelves were almost bare in a Sainsbury’s store, where a sign explained that the supermarket was experiencing shortages.

Meanwhile, breakfasts at some Wetherspoon pubs are egg-less as customers are instead offered hash browns, sausages or onion rings.

A Wetherspoon spokesman said the shortage was only affecting some pubs and it was a temporary issue.

The pub giant added the shortage was not specific to Wetherspoon and blamed the lack of supplies on Avian flu outbreak.

The outbreak has led to a cull of about 48million chickens – a mix of birds reared for the table and others producing free range eggs – and it is now a legal requirement to keep captive birds and poultry indoors and follow strict biosecurity rules.

But there are fears more stores will follow suit and ration eggs to avoid disappointment for customers.

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