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Caught on radio: British Border Force vessels and French Navy ships heard colluding in Channel to provide ‘handover’ of traffickers’ boats that are bringing migrants to the UK

British Government vessels and French Navy ships are colluding in the Channel to provide a ‘handover’ of traffickers’ boats bringing illegal migrants to the UK.

The Mail can reveal the extraordinary level of co-operation at sea between the two nations in ‘pass the parcel’ operations organised by Border Force officers and French warship captains.

In an astonishing series of maritime radio conversations, recorded on Sunday morning from a public maritime radio channel, the French warships and France‘s maritime police can be heard contacting the Border Force vessels Defender, Hurricane and Ranger to arrange the handover of boats carrying migrants, including five children, 12 miles off Kent.

The conversation between the vessels suggests the French Navy is routinely guiding migrant boats from the French coast to mid-Channel meet-ups with the British, who then put the passengers on board boats to bring them into Dover.

The revelations come as Home Secretary Suella Braverman met her French counterparts to agree a deal which she hopes will stop the Channel boats that have brought 40,000 migrants to the UK this year causing a crisis as the Home Office struggles to deal with the vast number of new arrivals, many from Albania.

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