Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 14 November 2022

Austerity for us, billions for the global terrorists

IN 1962, the American diplomat Dean Acheson said that Britain had ‘lost an empire, and failed to find a role’.

As our colonies hauled down the Union Flag, what was to become of products of private schools and Oxbridge when they had no one to administer? How could politicians justify the cliché that Britain ‘punches above its weight’?

There was an urgent need to fill the gap.

Step forward international organisations. Instead of fighting malaria and dealing with local disputes on the edge of the Sahara, the bright young things could become WEF Young Global Leaders, or perhaps Eco-Terrorists on a gantry on the M25.

We Brits love committees. Is it the time off work? The coffee and biscuits? The chance to visit somewhere new? The conceit that if you are asked to attend you are a very important person?

Regrettably the admission fee to the globalist clubs is extremely high, and the consequences are devastating for the citizens of the United Kingdom.

We should have learned from our experience with the League of Nations (1920-46), which included in its Covenant the obligation for members ‘to respect and preserve . . . the territorial integrity of existing political independence of all Members of the League’. It was an abject failure.

But the ineffective League was small beer compared with the monstrous array of undemocratic tyrannical globalist organisations to which our politicians and civil servants are now beholden.

They include: the United Nations (and all its offshoots); World Bank; the World Health Organisation; the IMF; Nato; the World Economic Forum; the European Commission (still!); the European Council; the G20; the Group of Thirty; the European Court of Justice; the Trilateral Commission; the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In addition there is a panoply of philanthropic/charitable organisations that host activists and manipulators that reinforce/enforce the decisions taken by the above.

Of course, to be club members, it is necessary to pay the entrance fees. It was no surprise therefore to read that the First Lord of the Treasury at Westminster, the Schwab puppet Sunak, intends to donate £11.6billion of your money to ‘environmental projects’ in foreign parts, or that the UK taxpayer is giving Gates’s GAVI $2.6billion to develop yet more experimental drugs. It’s austerity for the UK but money magically available for climate change and whatever is demanded by the Friend of Epstein.

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