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‘Trump needs to take a good look in the mirror’: Now former Trump supporter Candace Owens turns on him – and tells former president to stop attacking Ron DeSantis, says ‘he’s too old’ and reveals he was ‘rude’ to her

Candace Owens is the latest conservative influencer to give up on Donald Trump after the Republican candidates he endorsed for the midterm elections failed to win their seats.

Owens, speaking on her Daily Wire show after the midterms, said that she’s been suspicious of Trump since he was rude to her following an interview where they clashed on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The conservative firebrand previously criticized Trump – saying he was out of touch with his support base after he came out in favor of the COVID vaccine. Trump then turned on her, she claims.

She was told by mutual friends that Trump had someone ‘egging him on’ to be angry with Owens – and that he eventually said: ‘Yeah, I’m so mad at Candace.’

The pundit revealed that the next time she saw Trump: ‘He was actually rude to me.

‘I’m telling you this personal story because I think it is something that made me for the first time question me as a person.’


She said that ‘this is not being a leader’ and that he refused to believe that his base was not in favor of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The commentator continued: ‘After the 2020 election and because the shock of all the things that happened and the answers that we never really feel that we got, this sinking realization that we might be actually losing our country, I think that it pushed him into an angry space where he doesn’t trust anybody.’

Owens described the president as ‘almost likely to believe that everybody’s trying to turn their back on him and stab him in the back.’

She went on to say that conservatives have been having discussions about Trump in private that she now feels ‘should be also had with the public as well.’

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