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The Covid conspirators’ house of cards is tumbling down, says MEP

Christine Anderson, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), gave a speech during a conference at the European Parliament towards the end of October.

“You may have heard – things are unfolding rather quickly right now.   Thanks to our colleague Rob Roos who raised the question in the Covid Committee [to the Pfizer representative],” she said.

“And things are changing now. Their house of cards is tumbling down and it is doing so rightfully … One more thing … I am sick and tired of being called a Covidiot … [but] I much rather be a Covidiot than be a Gov-idiot.”

Virginie Joron MEP (France) invited the well-known French tropical physician and vaccination expert Professor Christian Perronne to the EU Parliament for a conference with a group of MEPs known as #TeamFreedom. The conference was held in Strasbourg on 20 October 2022.  The panel was made up of Christine Anderson MEP (Germany), Rob Roos MEP (Netherlands), Ivan Sincic MEP (Croatia) and Stasys Jakeliūnas MEP (Lithuania) who were joined by Orsolya Györffy (Children’s Health Defense Europe) and Prof. Perronne.

Prof. Perronne has been vilified and condemned as a conspiracy theorist by corporate media for his outspoken views on this topic. However, as time has gone by and the truth is coming out, it seems Perrone will be completely vindicated.

You can watch the full conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg with Professor Perronne HERE.  The clip below of Anderson’s opening speech begins at timestamp 56s.

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