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How Election Integrity Has Been Destroyed In Arizona (And Elsewhere)

Because I live in Arizona, I have wondered and scratched my head as to why a fundamentally “red” state ends up with “blue” politicians. Such was the case during the 2020 election when Donald Trump was overwhelmingly popular and yet lost the state. Such is the case right now with the Governor’s race between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs. Now I know the answer.

Republicans seek voters, Democrats seek ballots.

This is so simple and obvious that it has escaped everyone’s attention, including mine. According to the article below, “when ballots are more important than votes – the election will always favor the former.”

Republican candidate Kari Lake has stumped throughout Arizona and won the hearts of our citizens. Her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, has hidden herself from public exposure, refusing to even be seen with Lake on a stage or anywhere else. As a candidate, in fact, Hobbs could rightly be described as reclusive.

Here is the heart of matter: Lake is seeking voters while Hobbs is seeking ballots. The same could be said for the Senate race between Republican Blake Masters and Democrat Mark Kelly. Further, this is true across all major races in Arizona. Republicans seek voters while Democrats seek ballots.

What happened in Arizona? On election day, ballots were collected as many people voted in person. Mailed in and dropped off ballots were also collected. Next, the whole collection of ballots were brought to a central location (in each county). In Maricopa County, Sheriff’s deputies barricaded the counting facility and posted armed sentinels on the roof. The counting process was going to take a long time, they said. Days later, they are still not finished.

Kari Lake’s work to secure votes was done when the polling centers closed on Tuesday. Conversely, Katie Hobbs work was just beginning. Behind closed doors, it will continue until the ballots can be arranged, manipulated and “adjusted”, until she can be declared the winner. It will not be a case of who got the most votes, but who got the most ballots. Can you see the difference?

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