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Where Spike Protein Deposits in the Body After ‘COVID’ or Vaccine (Full Chart)

Many doctors now blame the myriad of debilitating conditions reported after COVID-19 infections and vaccinations on the spike proteins present in both the virus and after vaccination. Emerging research has found spike proteins present in various organs, often implicated in inflammation and damage of the surrounding tissues.

Though there is research on the mechanisms of the spike proteins and hypotheses on how the proteins may interact with various aspects of the body, spike protein presence is difficult to test for.

This article aims to review the current limited research on spike protein accumulation both through infection and vaccine exposure, the places it can contact, and the pathologies it may lead to.

Immune Cells
Spike proteins have often been detected in immune cells taken from people who have been infected. A number of immune cells will periodically sample the environment around them, and it would therefore not be unusual to find spike proteins present in immune cells during infection or after vaccination.

However, in a study led by Dr. Bruce Patterson, CEO and founder of IncellDx, a company that diagnoses long COVID using blood tests, of patients who suffered from long COVID for over 15 months, 73 percent of them still had spike proteins present in their immune cells. Meanwhile, 91 percent of patients with severe and acute COVID had spike proteins in their immune cells.

Another study evaluating organ tissues obtained through autopsy found spike proteins present in the immune cells of individuals who died from COVID-19. Some of these immune cells died and had signs that they were trying to remove or recycle cellular materials; these all suggest a general toxicity from the spike protein.

The lungs are a major site of injury following COVID-19 infection and are believed to be a highly susceptible organ.

Studies on autopsy samples from people who died several days or months following COVID-19 vaccination found strong spike protein presence in the lung cells of these individuals. The team led by German pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt found spike proteins in lung cells of a living person nine months after vaccination, with immune cells nearby, suggestive of possible immune action.

Studies on autopsy samples from people who have been infected found in the lungs severe inflammation, spike protein presence in cells, great immune presence, often accompanied with smaller areas for gas exchange, scarring, and thickening of the lung tissues.

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