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Universal Darkness is Coming Our Way – Fast

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, the Sunday Express described Vernon Coleman as: ‘Outspoken and alert’.

Google is the new winner of the Hypocrisy Gold Medal for 2022 – overtaking Bono, His Royal Hypocrite, and the Duke and Duchess of California. Google (proud owner of YouTube) is running huge ads announcing ‘Digital attacks are being used to censor critical information online.’ The sly hypocrites have created something called ‘Project Shield’ which they claim is to ‘defend journalists and organisations and more from these attacks’. Have you ever heard of such brass nerve? Google and YouTube are the world’s worst enemies of freedom, free speech and information. YouTube has for years been supressing the truth and censoring and banning truth tellers. Google is, in my view, the most evil and hypocritical company on the planet.
There is no punishment for breaking your word these days. Thanks to the foul behaviour of our politician, civil servants, broadcasters and journalists, old-fashioned virtues such as honesty, decency and honour have become outdated concepts in every area of life. It is rare to find any institution or company which treats its companies with respect or dignity. Sunak is breaking promises like a Greek smashing plates after a good dinner. The evil and treacherous BBC reneged on its promise to give over 75s free TV licences and no one turns a hair. The electors actually expect politicians like Sunak and organisations like the BBC to lie to them.
Along the same theme, have you noticed how many companies are using inflation and the recession as an excuse to put up prices by quite unreasonable amounts? So, for example, food companies make their products smaller and raise the prices not necessarily because their costs have risen but because they are taking advantage of the situation to make bigger profits. In the old days, the mainstream media would have exposed these frauds. Today, the mainstream media is part of the fraud.
People who generously insist that the country should welcome more immigrants are not, by and large, the people who are going to pay for a larger population – because they are not taxpayers. And if they are then some are probably running sweat shops hoping to employ immigrants as cheap labour. Nothing is as it seems these days.
I wonder how many people know that old aged pensioners don’t all receive the same pension – even if they have paid in the requisite amount in national insurance contributions. Pensioners who retired before 2016 receive far less money than pensioners who retired after 2016. This is clearly a fairly secret way to kill off the elderly. A 76-year-old has to pay the same council tax and the same heating costs as a 66-year-old. Giving the 76-year-old a significantly lower pension is simply a crude way to ensure that more of the really elderly freeze or starve to death.
It is becoming common these days for idiots to invest in the much promoted metaverse. I can hardly believe they’re doing it but these sad and truly pathetic souls pay out huge amounts of money to buy bits of imaginary real estate in an imaginary world. These are presumably the same lunatics who buy crypto-currency or non-fungible tokens. I’d like them all to know that I can let them have Dutch tulip bulbs at the bargain price of £1 million apiece.
The BBC is cutting the broadcasting hours of local radio stations. I assume they are doing this because they have discovered that occasionally a nugget of truth might slip through on a local radio station. If the BBC genuinely cared two hoots for local radio they would simply sack a few overpaid executives and presenters. Getting rid of Gary the crisp salesman, who is I believe a football commentator, would probably save enough money to keep all those local stations open. (I suspect he’d probably work for £20 a week for the BBC –just so that he remained famous.)
If more people had pointed out that doctors and journalists refuse to debate the alleged covid pandemic, and the danger of the covid-19 jabs, the whole damned fraud would now be over. The war we’ve been fighting was always a propaganda war and right from the start (best part of three years ago) I tried to shame the opposition, and awaken the public, by pointing out how truth-tellers had been silenced and the truth suppressed. But the general view appears to have been: ‘What’s the point in demanding a debate, they won’t give you one.’ But that’s the whole point. We could have won this war a year ago if more people had pushed hard for the public debate they were never going to give us – and shamed the conspirators and their servants.
I’ve just published my 317th video. Well over 100 are still missing in action – removed by truth crushing employees at YouTube and then hacked out of BrandNewTube. (My guess would be by government operatives. When my videos on BNT disappeared I had around 75,000 subscribers and well over five million views.) My videos are now available on For the first months of 2020, Antoinette and I researched, wrote and recorded a video every day of the week. We literally did nothing else (well, we ate and slept occasionally but we took no holiday and no days off) because we recognised from the start that this was a war we had to win. When daily videos become too much and were seriously affecting our health, we cut back a little. We have also researched and written hundreds of articles for our websites. Our reward has been that my reputation and our income have been destroyed. I’d like to record for whatever future might await us all that my wife Antoinette has, despite needing to take daily medication for two serious health problems, devoted most of her energies to this war for the best part of three years. If people were given honours for public service above and beyond the expected then Antoinette would be at the top of the list.
The Royal Horticultural Society wants us all to share our gardens with wasps and slugs and other lovely creatures. All part of the re-wilding madness promoted by the conspirators. Those who doubt the insidious, dry rot nature of wokeness should note that long-term, previously boring organisations such as the Society of Authors, Marylebone Cricket Club and the National Trust now are to have become lefty-lefty-woke. Incidentally, the chairman of the MCC is still chairman of the MCC after a disparaging remark about members emptying their colostomy bags. If he had been rude about women, Jews or homosexuals he’d been practising picking up the soap with his toes. But it’s apparently fine to be nasty about people who are ill or elderly or both. The MCC chairman, who is called Bruce Carnegie-Brown, offered to a resign but, unbelievably, the committee refused to accept it. A decent committee would have expelled him from the club. The entire committee should resign in shame. But they won’t. What sort of slug makes a derogatory comment about people with colostomies? Or elderly folk? I thought about resigning from the MCC but decided to stay in and campaign for change, decency and fairness within the Club.
If William Joyce (aka Lord Haw Haw) hadn’t been hung I think he would working for the BBC. Come to think of it, maybe he is still alive and working there.
The Tories promised to plant 30 million trees a year. It may as well have been 300 million trees a day. It doesn’t matter because it was merely a political promise. So far they’ve planted seven trees and five have died. By 2035 they’ll have to plant 120 million a minute to catch up.

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