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Project Veritas: Ballot Box Keys Left Unattended on Top of Philadelphia Ballot Drop Box on Election Night (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Wednesday released footage of keys left unattended on top of a ballot drop box in Philadelphia on election night.

A board of elections worker secured the keys and told a Project Veritas journalist he was told “not to engage” with reporters who found the keys.

Philadelphia board of elections worker Kevin Richardson told PV, “I’m not in charge of knowing” why the keys were left unattended.



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Project Veritas also caught a Pennsylvania election official telling an undercover reporter to “vote Democrat” in a polling location.

A Pennsylvania election official was caught on hidden camera telling a Project Veritas journalist to “vote Democrat” inside a polling location.

The official, Christie Yang, is the election board’s Mandarin translator.

The exchange occurred inside the polling location at 609 Snyder Ave. in Philadelphia.

“I asked you to vote the Rep — I mean the Democrat down ballot,” Yang told the undercover journalist. “Because we’re trying to focus on, if the Democrats win, then at least they represent us.”

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