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Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021

Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) recently released maternal mortality figures for 2021. The numbers raise some questions.

482 expectant mothers died in Russia last year—up from 161 in 2020, an increase from 11.2 to 34.5 per 100 thousand live births. 90% of the recorded deaths in 2021 were due to causes not directly related to pregnancy.

Officials “attributed the sharp increase in maternal mortality to coronavirus, but the cause could also be genetic COVID vaccines, which in Britain were recently recognized as unsafe for pregnant women. Mass vaccination in the Russian Federation took place in 2021, but not in 2020,” Russian outlet Nakanune reported on November 8.

The same outlet revealed in September that Russia’s birth rate had plummeted nine months after compulsory vaccination decrees were adopted nationwide in autumn 2021.

“Despite all the assurances that new gene vaccines cannot affect reproductive performance in any way, the numbers indicate that this issue may be much more serious than anyone would like to imagine,” Nakanune wrote.

(Russia’s natural population decline in 2021 was the highest in decades—even worse than the devastation recorded in the 90s.)

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