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Biden Says He Plans to Change ‘Nothing’ After Midterm Elections – He wouldn’t dare

Joe Biden defiantly proclaimed “nothing” will be different in terms of his policies despite 75% of voters believing America is headed in the wrong direction.

After a speech at the White House Wednesday celebrating the lack of a “red wave” in the midterm elections, Biden was asked if he’d do anything differently as Democrats are poised to lose control of Congress.

“75% of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction despite the results of last night. What in the next two years do you intend to do differently to change people’s opinion about the direction of the country, particularly as you contemplate a run for president in 2024?” a reporter asked him.

“Nothing,” Biden replied, “because they’re just finding out what we’re doing. The more they know about what we’re doing, the more support there is.”


During his speech, Biden had framed the results of the midterm elections as a victory for the Democrats because they did not suffer as great of losses as was predicted.

However, Democrats will almost certainly lose control of the House and may still lose the Senate as votes are still being tabulated in Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.

An eye-popping exit poll also found 75% of Americans think the economy is “poor” or “not good” right now.

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