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Most significant events in the history of bitcoin

Bitcoin is the ultimate and apex digital token that can be usable in every world. You can make a transaction using bitcoin or easily use it to make money by trading or investing. It is your choice and preference according to which you want to use bitcoin, but before you use it, you would be very curious to know how bitcoin got popular. Today, bitcoin is the apex leader of cryptocurrency, and every other digital token company admires. The government is looking forward to creating a digital token that can function like bitcoin but with government control only. But, without decentralisation, it may be impossible to create a digital token that looks like bitcoin but can remain under someone’s control. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you can use it anonymously.

Today, everyone can see that bitcoin is very popular, but no one even cares to understand the past it has to go through. Bitcoin has been a tremendous digital token in the history of time, but today, it has reached such a high valuation in the market just because it has suffered a lot. Yes, bitcoin has been through a series of offences that no other digital token would have survived. It was alone; no other digital token was there to experience such things back in time. Therefore, everyone must understand how bitcoin went through the past year’s events. After the creation, what were the most critical events in the history of bitcoin that everyone needs to learn to understand? If you are up for this knowledge, you should know the important events.

The creation of the bitcoin

Walking down the memory lane of bitcoin, the first event was creation itself. Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates once said that bitcoin is a digital token and almost everyone must use it. He also said that the Genesis block created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto was one of the most important inventions of the old time. Apart from this, bitcoin’s invention ensured that the future would be driven through the modern technology of digital tokens, which is why the creation of bitcoin is the most important event in the history of time. It is an event that enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies can never forget at any time.

Bitcoin’s first transaction

If you have adequately read about bitcoin, perhaps you would have known about the first transaction ever made in bitcoin. It was made between Satoshi Nakamoto as well as another cryptographer who was also from the same team. They were trying to understand the creation and property of bitcoin, so they decided to make a transaction for the first time. Also, Satoshi Nakamoto invested all of his work into this and therefore wanted it to work. Therefore, understanding how it will work is crucial, so they made the first transaction.

The pizza purchase

Another important event in the history of bitcoin was the pizza purchase which was made in 2010 on the day on May 22. It was one of the most famous transactions ever made in bitcoin because it was huge. A person decided to purchase Papa John’s pizza for more than 10,000 units of bitcoin; at that time, it was valued only at $25. It can be said that it is quite a substantial amount of money in today’s time, but, back then, it was nothing for that person. However, when he learned that bitcoin has a valuation of more than millions of dollars, he regretted his decision to purchase the pizza.

The silk Road opening

Another important chapter in the history of bitcoin began in 2011 when the dark web opened its road toward bitcoin. Yes, the Silk Road website was launched, and the people on these platforms used bitcoin. As a result of the same, bitcoin was connected to many illicit activities and is one of the primary reasons for the anonymous transactions we can make. No one even has to know when the people made illegal transactions using bitcoin, letting them use it illegally. So, it was an important event in the history of time for bitcoin.

Mt Gox Price Collapse

The first and the largest cryptocurrency trading platform experienced a security breach in each system; therefore, the bitcoin valuation crashed very low in February 2014. Due to the lack of consumer confidence in the exchange, bitcoin prices started to decline as soon as the security breach was made on the platform. But, as soon as the time passed, towards November, the people believed that bitcoin would become an essential technology in the future, and therefore, they started to purchase it again. Due to the purchases made by the people, the prices of bitcoin started to rise again; therefore, the stability was back in the system. However, the exchange platform robbed by the hackers was never recovered.

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