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The Fight for Freedom is Still Very Much Alive in Pforzheim, Germany

Andrzej Szubert, a reluctant leader of the freedom and rights movement in Pforzheim, Germany, describes his personal experience of what has been happening.

From media hit pieces to infiltration of the movement attempting to break it up and discredit it – the lies, the spies, the intrigues, it’s all been happening in Pforzheim.  But still – the fight for freedom goes on!

Weekly freedom protests outside the town hall in Pforzheim began in April 2020.  These continued for more than a year, until June 2021.  In the autumn of 2020, the second set of protests began – bi-weekly marches around the city centre.  However, in December 2021, the attitude of the town’s officials towards the bi-weekly marches began to change for the worse.

In Pforzheim, where I live as a political refugee from Poland, anti-plandemic demonstrations started in April 2020. These were weekly, stationary protests in the market square in front of the town hall. It lasted until the beginning of June 2021. Sometimes over 300 people attended the demos, periodically 50-70, and other times even less.

In late autumn (late October to early November) 2020, “mobile” demonstrations (“demos”) started almost simultaneously on Mondays and Wednesdays, parallel to the Saturday market demonstrations. We started from the headquarters of Pforzheimer Zeitung (a local daily newspaper), walked around the city centre and the demonstrations ended by the said newspaper site. Lasting about 1.5 hours, the “mobile” demos were not numerous, so the Ordnungsamt – the office in the town hall responsible, e.g., for registering the demos – ordered us to walk only on the sidewalks, not the roadway.

In the winter of 2020/2021, during these mobile demos, we started to make two or three stops of 10-15 minutes each.  These stops ALWAYS included one at the Synagogue Square and another in the square in front of the main railway station. We always had at least one drummer.

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