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China Is Engaging in ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ to Supplant US: Spalding

China’s communist regime is pursuing a doctrine of unrestricted warfare against the United States in an effort to undermine and eventually displace it, according to an upcoming documentary featuring retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding.

The Epoch Times investigative film titled “The Final War: The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America” follows Spalding and Epoch Times journalist Joshua Philipp in examining efforts by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to topple America.

Key to this effort, Spalding said, is the CCP’s doctrine of unrestricted warfare, through which the regime weaponizes academia, economics, diplomacy, media, and technology to achieve military ends without more conventional military means.

“Unrestricted warfare is a doctrine for how the Chinese Communist Party wages war which is in many ways fundamentally different from the ways that Western societies wage war,” Spalding, also an Epoch Times contributor, said.

Whereas Western nations typically consider military force to be a means of achieving political goals, Spalding said, the CCP was using political and other means to achieve military victory over the United States without firing a shot.

“Our infrastructure, particularly our digital infrastructure is highly insecure and not resilient which makes it a very dangerous vulnerability vis-à-vis China,” Spalding said.

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