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A Tribute to the Unvaccinated, You Are Homo Sapiens Indomitus

A few months ago, Professor Fernando López-Mirones paid tribute on his Telegram channel to the unvaccinated who have held out despite the pressures put on them to “get vaccinated.”  He calls them “Homo sapiens indomitus” – humans that cannot be subdued.

Prof. Fernando López-Mirones is a biologist and documentary director. He was part of the jury of several international film festivals. His script for the feature film Guadalquivir was nominated for the Goya Prize for best documentary. He received the Medal of the Circle of Film Writers in 2013.

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for resisting the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.

People who have been capable of such a personality, such courage and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries and opinions. They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not do, they were the tree that resisted the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion.  And they did it because they thought they were alone and they believed they were alone.

Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, they let their careers sink, they had no money … but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliations … but they continued.

Never before in humanity has there been such a [discrimination], we now know who the resistance is on planet Earth.  Women, men, old people, young people, rich people, poor people, of all races and all religions, unvaccinated, elected officials of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

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