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The woman who ruined your Monday: Eco-activist who caused M25 chaos is Cambridge-educated wannabe popstar who shares selfies in a petrol car and compared herself to a PoW after storming Premier League match

The hysterical eco-zealot who helped shut down the M25 for more than five hours today demanding an end to UK oil and gas appears to drive a petrol car, MailOnline can reveal today, as a High Court order and police raids failed to stop Just Stop Oil.

Louise Harris, 24, is a Cambridge-educated wannabe popstar vegan from Harpenden who has compared the campaign to that of the Irish rebels’ fight for independence from the British and once said she was like a prisoner of war.

This morning she cried on the gantry over Britain’s busiest motorway as she declared: ‘You might hate me for doing this. I’m here because I don’t have a future.’

But despite her warnings about the future of the planet, her Facebook page shows her posing next to a 2009 Fiat Punto, which runs on unleaded. Just Stop Oil opposes petrol cars so much its members smash petrol stations to prevent people refueling and blockade refineries.

She also appears to be at the wheel – or a passenger – in the same car in a number of other social media posts, including this year when she has been taking part in Just Stop Oil protests, despite it running on petrol.

Miss Harris compared the yellow Punto to the vehicle made famous by The Inbetweeners, because it has a red door. In one post where she stands next to the Fiat she says: ‘I am officially Number 1 fan of this show f**k you other wannabes. Unfortunately it DOESN’T have a tape deck’.

Today Miss Harris was among 23 people arrested by the Met Police and colleagues at Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire, after shutting down the M25. The protests are deeply embarrassing for the authorities, who arrested ringleaders overnight in the hope of stopping them. A High Court injunction granted yesterday also failed, and Miss Harris now faces jail for breaching it.

The 24-year-old is a prolific activist, having been spared jail earlier this summer for trying to tie herself to goal posts during Tottenham Hotspur’s clash with West Ham in March, while wearing one of the Just Stop Oil group’s trademark orange t-shirts. Unhappy football fans pelted her with drinks.

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