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Dutch book-burning distributor run by spineless prats bans circulation of my non-‘anti-Semitic’ books after ultra-Zionist organisation tells them I am ‘anti-Semitic’. I wonder why ANYONE thinks there might be a ‘Jewish plot’. I can’t think

BOL.COM STOPS WITH SALE OF ANTISEMITIC BOOKS responds to the call from the National Coordinator for Combating Anti-Semitism to curb the sale of anti-Semitic books. For example, a number of books by conspiracy theorist David Icke have been removed from the site. is one of the first online stores to have drawn up rules to assess whether books are suitable for sale. Employees also check whether the content incites violence, discrimination or anti-Semitism.

Warning label

A number of books are therefore no longer offered. Some books are allowed to be sold, but will be given a warning label. Books that have been on the site for a long time are also assessed with the new criteria.

“In recent years, there have been several books in the news that we wondered if we wanted to offer them on our platform,” explains a spokesperson. “And because it is not always clear whether a book is discriminatory and we also want to be careful with freedom of expression, we have decided to develop an assessment framework for this.”

This assessment framework has been in use since the beginning of this year. New books are placed along the frame and with reports this also happens with books that were already on the site. As of today, visitors can find more information on the website about how the webshop deals with discriminatory books.

However, emphasizes that it is not an expert in the field of discrimination. However, the company has spoken to several organizations about this for their guidelines, including the NCAB and the Discrimination Hotline.

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