Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 November 2022

Vaccines, the antibody myth and the dangers the drugs giants knew about

THE ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ mantra that politicians and the mainstream media have been chanting incessantly throughout the Covid ‘pandemic’ is now being shown to be complete misinformation, to use the establishment’s term, as an increasing number of people awaken to the devastating health effects they are causing on a global scale. Numerous health professionals are now coming forward to state what was predicted by many and has been obvious since the beginning of the saga. They are admitting these gene therapy medications have virtually no benefits and, on the contrary, can be highly dangerous and even fatal. Even experts who promoted the vaccines are now realising they were not the panacea they were claimed to be.

One such expert is Dr Aseem Malhotra who was interviewed by Mark Steyn on GB News on August 16 2022. He admitted that he had promoted the vaccine on television but had since learned that they were not nearly as effective as claimed. He stated he was also shocked when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that the formation of antibodies in the body does not necessarily create immunity in that person. As a consequence, he has now called for the vaccines to be suspended.

It is encouraging that more and more experts are realising the lack of efficacy for these vaccines and the devastating health impact they are having on those who have suffered from their numerous side effects.  We obviously need more people like Dr Malhotra to stand up and make their voices heard.

Where vaccine efficacy is concerned, people observed at the time the Pfizer trial data was released that it was misleading. It concentrated on the relative risk of becoming ill with Covid if unvaccinated compared with being vaccinated instead of the absolute risk. Analysing the data from an absolute risk perspective reduces effectiveness from 95 per cent to less than 1 per cent. Although why anyone would believe without question what Pfizer says about its own products in the first place when the company has been fined billions of dollars for illegally marketing off-label drugs, bribing doctors to prescribe their products, excessive price hikes and paying out damages for the side effects of some of its other drugs, is incomprehensible. 

What is truly revealing about Dr Malhotra’s comments is his statement about antibodies not producing immunity. This probably comes as a revelation to most people but should be common knowledge to anyone working in the field of immunology. The fact that if a body produces antibodies to a particular antigen it doesn’t necessarily mean it has immunity has been known for at least 70 years.

In a 1950 a report on antibodies and diphtheria by the British Medical Council, the author concluded there was no correlation at all between antibodies and immunity to the disease, and this has been confirmed many times since.  

Yet the whole ‘science’ of vaccinology is predicated on the idea that vaccines create immunity because they force the body to produce antibodies to a specific antigen. Remove the foundation on which that myth is based and the whole vaccine edifice crumbles to dust.

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