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Police for Freedom Nederland: Shooting with 26 cannons on 1 mosquito

November 6, 2022

Those who still believe in a Europe, where democracy rules on the basis of a right, I consider them lost. In this age where you can find and check everything, but anything, and then what you’re being served, is like getting knocked out and asking if they’d please do it again because it feels so good.

With shame on their jaws, I see that there are 26 countries that refuse entry to someone, on the recommendation of the Dutch state, for 2 years and why? Because someone might say something at a peaceful demonstration that some people don’t like. That’s the same as clamping someone with 5 ME peletons for crossing the slope, arresting and banning them from crossing the slope for 2 years.

The motivation for that 2 year ban, because that’s it. An ancient means of honor restored by the plush, involves a conspiracy thinker, who may be a danger to public order, while at the same time hundreds of climate fanatics destroy property and embark on an terrain, where they enter evolve art. 461 WSR was not supposed to be.

I therefore urge the Secretary of State to ban this group, which has put public order at risk, along with the other Shengen countries, for 2 years, because they -possible- conspiracy theories.

As for those conspiracy thinkers… If there are no apples, you can’t eat them either.

We live in a part of the world, where a war of unprecedented magnitude is taking place, and no, I’m not talking about the play in Ukraine, where unfortunately, and again, the ordinary man is allowed to suffer, no, the war on free speech. the war on farmers, the war on small business, the war on human rights, the war on health. In a nutshell, the war against you and me.

We have tasted that freedom most of our lives even though we were still stupid back then, just saying. But our children and grandchildren’s futures are at stake and they have no idea. I get that! When you’re 25 or 30, just like mom and dad, you don’t want to look at that! You want to enjoy yourself!

The painful thing about this war on humanity, is that we, in good faith, have given them that power. And it’s time to take that power away from them.

I don’t want to deprive anyone of the illusion that a parallel society is the solution. If you believe in that, you’re living in a beautiful fairy tale according to me. Because as long as the plush, has the power, they will never allow a parallel society. We live in a time, where we can’t escape the battle. I would have liked to see it differently.

I once wrote- my blue heart is crying- , well my blue heart is dying after death and I will explain why.

A police organization, taking or has knowledge of an internal coup, taking knowledge of misconduct with and around children, taking knowledge of fraudulent acts of a government entity and keeping silent and nothing but takes it is not a police organization, but a STAZI-like instrument of a dictatorship. She is part of the problem with that. Please note, I am not talking about the individual servant on the street, who acts according to honor and conscience within his framework. I clearly mean organization and management.

NEVER did I think I would call this country a Fascism inclined Dictatorship See here I am doing it. A country that was known in the Middle Ages for the protection of free speech seems to me worth fighting for.

Can’t you walk? Speak up! Can’t you talk? Write! Can’t you write? Then share what others say or write, after forming your own opinion about it.

Doing nothing is not an option!

Scared of the plush, she moves to silence others, by supposedly protecting the interest of the large group. You must have experienced being held accountable at work based on – anonymous sources. You then ask for the source, but it is protected by your boss, at least it seems. The real reason that source isn’t mentioned, keeps you unable to build your defense and your boss has interest in that check-out culture because he/she can smother criticism.

I conclude by speaking up, not losing courage, staying critical and most of all listening to yourself and your feeling. If your feeling says it’s not right, then it’s not either! Be patient. There are many battles to be fought before this war is over.

“I detest what you are saying but I will defend your right to say it with my life”

– Voltaire –

Stay healthy and love

Peter Cirk

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