Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 November 2022

This is why David Icke is a threat

David Icke is banned from entering the Netherlands and other Schengen countries for two years because his presence “endangers public order” because of his ideas. Are David Icke’s findings a threat to the safety of the Dutch population or to the incumbent?

Thierry Baudet recently took a step by comparing politicians to reptiles, which led to a riot around David Icke, who was to speak as guest of honor on November 6, 2022 during the peace demonstration in Amsterdam. The established media popped up en masse, claiming that David Icke is a Holocaust denier. Mordechaï Krispijn, who is Jewish himself and lost a lot of family in the Second World War, talked to him.

Not a holocaust denier

In this conversation it becomes clear that David Icke correctly endorses the holocaust and the violence of the Nazis against the Jews (and other population groups). In this conversation, he also gives a crystal-clear explanation of recent geopolitical and economic developments, with which the established order tries to bring the people to their knees and thus supports the agenda of the global elite.

Instead of relying on a few headlines, I recommend everyone to at least listen to the interview below, because it provides a lot of clarity about Icke’s sharp analysis of the established order. Even better is reading one of the many books David Icke has written over the years before adopting a preconceived notion. While his analyzes are controversial, primarily because they conflict with the established worldview , they are nevertheless very illuminating in many respects.

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