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They are taking the piss to dismantle British culture: Albanian migrants (not fleeing war) among dozens of economic main-chancers – ‘refugees’ – housed in luxury hotel (and of course it’s nothing to do with encouraging lots more to follow)

Albanian families who reached Britain by boat are among dozens being housed in a luxury Lincolnshire hotel that has been taken over by the Home Office as it struggles to cope with a spiralling migrant crisis.

Stoke Rochford Hall, a grand Victorian stately home outside Grantham, is usually home to glitzy weddings costing thousands of pounds, while rooms are as much as £200 a night.

When The Telegraph visited this week, however, it was instead home to dozens of migrant families.

The hotel, with its picturesque grounds in the rolling countryside south of Grantham, has been taken over since September, with multiple couples having their wedding plans cancelled.

The Telegraph spoke to refugees and migrants from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Albania, who described it as a nice place to stay but said they had little or no information as to when they would be moved on or have their cases processed.

Members of the public are banned from the hotel and it is guarded by private security.

Read more: They are taking the piss to dismantle British culture: Albanian migrants (not fleeing war) among dozens of economic main-chancers – ‘refugees’ – housed in luxury hotel (and of course it’s nothing to do with encouraging lots more to follow)

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