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Storage shed movers near me

When you need to move a shed, hire a professional company specializing in moving sheds because they will be able to handle the job efficiently and safely. Unless you are an experienced mover, it is not safe to try to move the shed yourself. Here is an overview of how to research shed moving companies, the process of shed moving, how much it costs, and how to prepare your property before the move.

Questions to Ask Potential Storage Shed Movers in South Florida

Get at least two or five quotes from different companies before hiring one. Search online using the keyword phrase “storage shed movers near me” to find companies to call to get a few quotes from. Be sure you understand how much it will cost to move your shed before you decide to hire a company. A lot of companies don’t specify the cost of moving your shed on their website, so you should ask them about any extra costs. Some companies charge per hour, while others charge a flat fee. There might also be a delivery and pickup charge in some cases.

When interviewing a company for the job, start by asking about the experience of the staff. You will need an experienced crew to do the work quickly and well. Next, ask what equipment they have. For instance, ask if they have a mule. This specially designed machine for lifting storage sheds is necessary to move a large shed.

The Advantages of Hiring Storage Shed Movers

If you don’t have enough people, the right equipment, or transportation, it is more cost-effective and less labor-intensive to get a company to move your shed. They will have an experienced crew and the right heavy-lifting equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. They will also have a trailer large enough to transport the shed and enough people to lift and roll it.

How to Prepare Your Property for the Move

To move a storage shed, you will need to prepare the ground around it. You may need to dig out the ground, jack it up, and add diagonal supports to door and window openings. If your shed sits on a concrete foundation, you won’t need to dig it out. However, if your foundation isn’t concrete, you will need to dig it up or raise it.

Make a path around your shed to make the move easier. Tall grass should be mowed down, and muddy soil drained to make the ground firm. Taking these simple steps will reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt or the shed getting damaged during the move. Additionally, if the shed has windows or doors, you’ll need to take these out as they could bend or break during the move.

Finally, before moving the shed, make sure the ground is level and clear of any obstructions, such as gas lines, sprinkler systems, and other things you might have in your yard. If you are making the move in the late evening, the area should also be well-lit.

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