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Mass-murdering MHRA and its puppet ‘head’ June Raine won’t release ‘Covid’ Vaccine related Information; They can run but they can’t hide forever

In June 2021, Dr Tess Lawrie wrote to Dr. June Raine, the Chief Executive of the MHRA highlighting the high number of vaccine adverse event reports on the Yellow Card system between 4th January 2021 and 26th May 2021.

The Yellow Card System is an early warning system in the UK where doctors and individuals can report side effects that they suspect correspond with a medicine they have received. It is a vital way of monitoring the safety of medicines and can also identify any issues that have not yet been detected.

A reply was received from Dr. Raine on 22nd July 2021. In the letter, she expressed the opinion that “some events may have happened coincidentally, regardless of vaccination.”

On 9th August 2021, Tess sent a follow-up and included some lengthy analysis I had done on all-cause mortality and had sent to my local Member of Parliament, Julie Marson. In total, 58 pages of evidence demonstrating that the “safe and effective” mRNA therapy was anything but.


Since our early warning about the obvious warning signal in the early warning system, many, many thousands more people have died as a result of the mRNA product.

It seems Tess was lucky even to get a response to the first letter. Marco Tullio Suadoni has been trying to get information out of them under the freedom of information legislation for several months without success.

More recently, my old colleagues at HART have tried to do the same and obtain the Astra Zeneca files that remain withheld in the same way that the Pfizer ones were hidden by the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

MHRA can run but they can’t hide.

If you are supporting the narrative and any form of administration of this deadly experimental product, you should be running too! But you should know, the truth will catch up with you eventually and the blood on your hands will not wash away.

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