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Fordham University Threatened With Lawsuit Over ‘Covid’ Booster Mandate

“It is a violation of federal law to mandate receipt of a product that is only available pursuant to a [emergency use authorization],” the letter reads. “Fordham University cannot lawfully require students to receive the Covid-19 bivalent booster that is being distributed under an EUA.”

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Mandating the booster shot “violates federal law, international laws, civil and individual rights, and public policy,” according to the letter.

The legal group cited several studies to oppose the mandate, including an Oct. 7 analysis by the Surgeon General of Florida which found a spike in cardiac-related deaths in young men who received the vaccine.

The group also cited President Joe Biden claiming “the pandemic is over” during a September 60 Minutes interview.

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Other groups have issued their opposition to the Bronx, New York school’s booster mandate.

On Oct. 7, Fordham Parents Together sent a letter to Tetlow asking for the mandate to be lifted. It claimed Fordham is the only “university in NYC and in New York State with a bivalent booster mandate,” and is “one of only 12 universities” with the mandate nationwide.

A protest was held on Oct. 14 outside the Rose Hill campus, according to BronxTimes.

Mermigis Law Group gave Fordham until Oct. 24 to respond. Currently, it is unknown whether they have done so.

The Mermigis Law Group, Fordham Parents Together, President Tetlow, and Fordham University have all been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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