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Dutch newspaper says Netherlands Cabinet banned me in part to protect me from danger! What extraordinary nonsense. They banned me because they are terrified of me – and I’m not going anywhere so get used to it. You have put me and my work on a world stage like never before. Thank you

Cabinet sends outspoken letter to conspiracy theorist Icke about danger

Conspiracy theorist David Icke has been banned from entering the Schengen area for two years because his “physical presence” could lead to violent counter-demonstrations. He may also be in danger himself.

This is stated in the letter that the Immigration and Naturalization Service IND sent to Icke on behalf of the cabinet. He made the letter public on his site with the announcement that he “is being banned by the Dutch fascist regime”.

The Ministry of Justice and Security confirms the decision: “The news has leaked, we do not want to comment on this ourselves.” It is a rarity that a person is not allowed to enter the Netherlands on legal grounds. It has only happened once before: in 2019, an American hate preacher who made extreme statements against the LGBTI community was banned from entering the country.

David Icke shows the letter from the IND on his site: it can be read here.
The cabinet decided to deny him access to the Netherlands in connection with risks to public order. He would speak next Sunday at a demonstration in Amsterdam.

In the letter, the IND bases itself on various reports, such as those from the police. “The concern is justified that your presentation in the Dutch context may cause tensions between population groups and thus disrupt public order and public peace.”

Forum for Democracy

The letter further reads: “It has been found that you have been internationally known for years as a propagator of conspiracy theories. For example, you state that the world is ruled by so-called reptiles, this would be a group of powerful aliens pretending to be humans.”

After that, Icke’s statements are associated with FvD leader Baudet, who took over his statements, at least partly. Forum for Democracy is part of the Together for the Netherlands partnership that the Brit had invited.

“Now that there is a direct connection between your theories and comparing politicians to lizards or other reptiles, prominent persons, administrators and officials are being dehumanized and democratic principles are rejected.”

Call for gun violence

The IND also says that Icke’s statements increase the risk in a climate where “violence against or threats to politicians is increasing, such as, for example, with the recent protests by farmers”. But that danger would also apply to himself.

“In the run-up to the demonstration, a hardened relationship is visible online through your announced participation,” the IND writes to Icke. “Including even a call for gun violence against you.”

The IND has also confirmed that the letter is genuine, but does not want to say anything more about it. “This person chooses to share it with the outside world. Because this is an individual case, we cannot go into it substantively,” says a spokesperson.

The Ministry of Justice and Security says it happened once before that someone was denied entry to the Netherlands on legal grounds. “That was in 2019 with Steven Anderson, a hate preacher from the US who thought gays should be executed,” a spokesperson said.

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