Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 November 2022

Dutch government and ultra-Zionist hate mongers demonise me to the point that the pathetic morons who believe their lies want me dead. They’re ‘anti-hate’ you see

AMSTERDAM – The cabinet has refused British conspiracy theorist David Icke entry to our country. The municipality of Amsterdam has confirmed a report about this from RTL Nieuws. Icke would be a guest at a ‘peace protest’.

David Icke, invited by action group Together for the Netherlands, is not allowed to enter the Netherlands and other Schengen countries because of the risk to public order, tensions between population groups and because Icke’s theories ‘dehumanize’ administrators and officials, according to a letter from the IND. There is also a chance that someone will want to do something to him. For example, in a podcast someone has disguisedly called for murder: ‘Are there people who are a little confused,’ said that person. “Having no meaning in life anymore. Do some good for humanity and buy a weapon. Just kidding. I really like him dead, I have no problem saying it.”

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