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Did football fans kick vaccine passports into touch?

REMEMBER the beginning of this year, when it seemed that we were heading into another lockdown?

In Scotland and Wales, use of the vaccine passport was expanded to almost all public events – and, as the Celtic fringes were a testing ground for the whole UK, the same restrictions would inevitably be imposed in England too.

This didn’t happen, so why the change of mind at Westminster? Recorded cases and deaths were rising, and the NHS was allegedly on its knees again. The ‘booster’ campaign, with quasi-religious imagery of recipients in a glowing halo, was in full swing.

Despite slick marketing, fewer people were coming for a third dose, and so the fear was ramped up. The paradox for the Government, though, was imploring the ‘vaccine hesitant’ to come forward while telling the double-jabbed that they were insufficiently protected. The ‘no jab, no job’ mandate for healthcare workers mandated two doses that by the Government’s admission were no longer effective.

Since mass administration of the Covid vaccine began in early 2021, the authorities and mainstream media persistently told us that all but a tiny minority were jabbed.

With constant coaxing and coercion, the boosted rate rose, but ministers were troubled by the decline in uptake from the first two doses. Furthermore, it was eventually revealed that the vaccinated proportion of society was exaggerated, presumably as a tactic to boost compliance and ostracise refuseniks.

In a concerted effort in early 2021, every newspaper and broadcaster featured polemics against the unvaccinated, with the likes of Sarah Vine, Andrew Neil, Carole Malone, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Vine and Ann McEvoy calling for their punishment.

The trailer for a BBC documentary Unvaccinated, presented by Hannah Fry, stated that eight per cent of adults were unjabbed, but as statistician Norman Fenton found, the true proportion was about a fifth.

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