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David Icke banned from European Union countries for two years – that’s how TERRIFIED THE CULT IS OF HIM. This is the letter we just received from Netherlands immigration… (now translated into English) PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE YOU CAN.

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English Translation

Dear Mr Icke,

With this letter I inform you that you have been reported immediately in the Schengen Information System (SIS II) for a period of two years and you are not allowed to enter the Schengen area.

The reason for this alert concerns the following.

On October 31, 2022, the Amsterdam Police sent an information report dated that day from the Regional Information Organization (DRIO) to the IND.

The following conclusions and findings emerge from this report, among other things.

Given the reactions from society, it is not inconceivable that the arrival of David Icke at the ‘Samen voor Nederland’ demonstration will lead to a disturbance of public order. Based on the media attention and the reactions from both sides, his arrival is the center of attention for both supporters and opponents.

In a livestream, the organizer spoke to Icke and stated that “I hope to see you on the sixt of November, no matter how. Digital or live.”. It can be concluded from this that the intention is to let Icke speak in any case. It is unclear whether the counter-protesters would be satisfied if he does not speak physically on Dam Square, but via a live stream. Given the tense relations, there remains a risk of confrontation between the demonstrators and the counter-protesters. As a result, a scenario, such as at the United We Stand Europe demonstration on July 24, 2021, where his digital presence does not lead to tension is not likely. Then little or no attention was paid to his presence in the run-up to, during and after the run.

It is conceivable that his physical presence may give rise to stronger reactions from the counter-demonstration. But that his physical absence could lead to feelings of discontent among the protesters who already have an anti-government sentiment.

The British David Icke has been internationally known for years as a propagator of conspiracy theories. Among other things, he claims that the world is ruled by so-called reptiles, which are a group of powerful aliens that pretend to be humans. According to critics, the reptiles are a metaphor for a (partly Jewish) elite that forms an all-powerful secret world government and is active in all ranks of society. He claims that the Jews financed Hitler and that the Jews are responsible for organizing the 2008 financial crisis and the terrorist attacks on September 11.

The CIDI has responded to Icke’s planned arrival and has announced in the mainstream media that it finds it unacceptable that a stage is being given to Icke. As a result, three counter-demonstrations were registered with the municipality.

The division within society is not only apparent from counter-reactions to the demonstration itself. For example, Icke’s reptile theory has recently been proclaimed several times by Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet. In news reports, Icke is mentioned as ‘the man behind Baudet’s reptile theory’. Source NOS

In addition, conspiracy theories were spread by Baudet during the debate on Budget Day 2022, in which he reasons that Deputy Prime Minister Sigrid Kaag studied at a university where spies are recruited. In response to this, the debate was halted and the cabinet briefly left the House of Representatives. Source AD

These recent developments show that it can be concluded that the arrival of David Icke is not only relevant for public order within the municipality of Amsterdam. Providing Icke with a podium or not will have a greater or lesser effect on the polarization within Dutch society.

In a press release, Samen voor Nederland indicated that it still intends to let Icke speak. The organization indicates that Icke does not deny the Holocaust in an interview with Samen voor Nederland’. In that interview, organizer K. states “I hope to see you on the sixt of November, no matter how. Digital or live. The sixth of November we are going to be in Amsterdam”.

After it became known that David Icke would speak at the ‘Samen voor Nederland’ demonstration, it was visible on social media that left-wing activists wrote to Mayor Halsema, among others, to prevent his arrival. This happens more often, for example when a (extreme) right-wing speaker comes to Amsterdam.

In the past there have also been unannounced counter-demonstrations at ‘Samen voor Nederland’ demonstrations from left-wing activists. These counter-demonstrations received little or no attention in the mainstream media.

Compared to previous and recent editions of the ‘Samen voor Nederland’, there is much more media attention. This is mainly due to the arrival of David Icke as speaker. In addition to the usual activists, CIDI now also spoke out about his arrival. This differs from previous comparable counter-demonstrations.

In the run-up to the demonstration, it is visible online that there is a hardened relationship between the demonstrators and the counter-protesters. The counter-protesters want to disrupt Icke’s speech by means of a noise demonstration. There have been signals from the Amsterdam Jewish police network that the CIDI is receiving negative comments regarding its announcement to voice a counter-noise on 6 November. sympathizers would also have registered at the counter-demonstration to protect the counter-demonstration. Online statements that go further have also been observed. In a podcast with Lale Gül, an Ömer U. stated: Are there people who are a little confused. No sense in life anymore. Do some good for humanity and buy a weapon. Just kidding. I really like him dead, I have no problem saying it.

It is not inconceivable that left-organized persons would like to express their displeasure in a more provocative way. Such as throwing eggs or committing vandalism. However, there are currently no concrete signs for this.

The supporters of ‘Samen voor Nederland’ (Samen voor Nederland) reacted with shock to the hostile messages towards Icke. It is also visible online that there is a response to the counter-demonstration. The organization of ‘Samen voor Nederland’ has indicated online that it has bought whistles to make noise back. The organization stated online that “we’ll see who blows who away”.

This information report shows that you intend to participate physically or digitally in a demonstration in Amsterdam on November 6, 2022 and to address the demonstrators there. The information report also shows that the information about you known to the Police justifies the concern that your nomination in the Dutch context may cause tensions between population groups and thus disrupt public order and public peace.

It should be noted that on the basis of the content of the aforementioned information message it can be judged that there are concrete indications that your arrival in the Netherlands poses a danger to public order and public peace. For this, reference is made to paragraph A2/12 of the Aliens Act Implementation Guidelines (Vc). It is also considered that on the basis of this alert, residence in the Netherlands is not permitted and your free period as a third-country national who does not require a visa will lapse.

It turns out that you have been internationally known for years as a propagator of conspiracy theories. For example, you state that the world is ruled by so-called reptiles, which would be a group of powerful aliens pretending to be humans. According to critics, the reptiles are a metaphor for a (partly Jewish) elite that forms an all-powerful secret world government and is active in all ranks of society.

The 56th Terrorism Threat Assessment Netherlands of 21 April 2022 describes a movement in the Netherlands that is fed by uncompromising conspiracy theories in which prominent persons, administrators and officials are dehumanized and democratic principles are rejected. For example online, through descriptions such as “reptiles”, “blood-drinking pedophiles”, “enemies of freedom” and “defenders of the dictatorship”. This movement states that in the Netherlands there is a elite in power who carry through an oppressive agenda, which is at war and against which resistance is needed. The movement is characterized by deep hostility, fanaticism and fantasies of violent vigilance; the elite would ultimately have to answer to tribunals.

Conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial can harm the democratic constitutional state. On the one hand because the legitimacy of those in authority is undermined, on the other because national legislation and international treaties prohibit incitement to hatred.

You are cited in news reports as ‘the man behind Baudet’s reptile theory’ and your intended participation in the demonstration on November 6, 2022 also underlines this. Now that there is a direct connection between your theories and comparing politicians to lizards or other reptiles, prominent persons, administrators and officials are dehumanized and democratic principles are rejected. This undermines democratic principles and the legitimacy of authority. This increases risk in a climate where violence against or threats to politicians is increasing, such as the recent protests by farmers. There is reason to believe that propagating your ideas can incite more violence against politicians if they are no longer seen as people. It threatens the rule of law/democracy and the polity if this would impede politicians from doing their job.

By granting you access to the Netherlands, you are given a platform to publicize your theories in person, which means that it can lead to a disturbance of public order or the commission of violence in the Netherlands, even if you do not explicitly call for this yourself.

In summary, it is considered that the information message from the Amsterdam Police shows that your participation in the demonstration has led to indignation among various organisations, including Jewish organizations and left-wing groups, and that several counter-demonstrations have been announced, whereby it is not inconceivable that your lead to a disturbance of public order. Reference is made to the tense relations between the demonstrators and the counter-protesters and the risk of a confrontation. Your physical presence may trigger stronger responses from the counter-demonstration. In the run-up to the demonstration, a hardened relationship is visible online through your announced participation, including even a call for gun violence against you.

It can be concluded that the information about you known to the Amsterdam Police justifies the concern that your nomination in the Dutch context may cause such great tensions between population groups, or will further escalate existing tensions, that public order and public peace will be compromised. be disrupted.

It has been considered in this case that the interests of public order and public safety to be protected must prevail over your interests, which are served by a (temporary) stay in the Netherlands. The importance the protection of public order and public tranquility takes precedence over the freedom you enjoy to express the freedom of expression.

For these reasons, it has been concluded that your presence here poses a current, real and sufficiently serious threat to a fundamental interest of society.

The information available does not show that the alert constitutes an unjustified infringement on your private or family life as referred to in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Nor has it become apparent that there are any special facts and circumstances on the basis of which the identification should be omitted or that the identification would lead to disproportionate consequences for you. It has also been taken into consideration that the alert will not hinder you from disseminating your lectures online and in that way making use of your freedom of expression.

If you do not agree with your alert, you can object to the alert or submit a request for the alert to be lifted.

When submitting an objection, you or your legal representative, your special authorized representative or your lawyer, if the latter declares to be specifically authorized to do so, can send a notice of objection addressed to the State Secretary to the PO box number stated in the letterhead, or to jet in the colophon mentioned e-mail address .

A motivated notice of objection must be submitted in writing within four weeks of the date today. It is advisable to enclose a copy of this letter with the notice of objection.

Asylum & Protection Directorate

A&B The Hague Rijnstraat Team 1


Nov 3, 2022

V number




It is important that, pursuant to Section 6:9 of the General Administrative Law Act, a notice of objection or appeal is submitted in good time if it is received before the end of the aforementioned four-week period, or if it is posted before the end of this period. delivered, provided that it is received no later than one week after the expiry of the term.

You can send a request to the IND to cancel an alert entered by the Netherlands by using the postal address in the letterhead. Within four weeks after such a request has been received, the IND will make a written decision on the request to cancel the alert.

Yours faithfully,

The State Secretary for Justice and Security, on behalf of the latter,

This letter is produced in an automated process and therefore unsigned.

Senior employee

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