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Burn Before Reading

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Chattanooga Times in the US described Vernon Coleman’s work as ‘Wise, funny, sad and heart-warming’.

It is almost certainly illegal to read the following material. So I would suggest that if questioned you say that someone else borrowed your laptop/mobile phone/iPad or whatever and that you were busy washing your mask collection or helping out at the covid-19 vaccination clinic at the time.

The police are now solving 5% of crimes in the UK. This may seem disappointing but you have to understand that they spend a good deal of their time comforting people who are glued to roads. (The authorities say that Long Covid is responsible for the number of people who now find themselves attracted to tarmacadam. It is, apparently, also to blame for people getting stuck to picture frames.)
When the medical authorities get their claws into a doctor who is accused of telling the truth about covid-19 or the covid-19 jab they usually begin by insisting that the doctor be examined by a psychiatrist. The doctor will be asked if they could have been mentally ill when they questioned the information provided by the drug companies and their government. The implication will be that if the doctor was having an insane interlude they will be forgiven their lapse. However, it doesn’t work that way. The minute the accused doctor says he was insane to have criticised Pfizer or whoever, the disciplinary authorities will leap up and down, cackling and pointing fingers. ‘Got you!’ they will cry. And the doctor will then lose their licence for being insane.
Don’t tell anyone but the big internet companies are having trouble. PayPal’s share price has fallen so much that I doubt if the company would be considered financially strong enough to open a PayPal account. Facebook, having wasted on $27 billion on creating the metaverse, looks as if it could follow MySpace into oblivion. (Zuckerberg’s pathetic metaverse avatars still don’t have legs. Here’s a trick they could try. Draw little figures on the corner of a notebook and flick the pages – the little figures can have legs and dance about.) And Google and YouTube are no longer as rich as they were. Even Microsoft is finding that having a virtual monopoly isn’t as profitable as it used to be.
It will come as no surprise to anyone with a brain that Google and YouTube have done a deal with the World Health Organisation. The WHO now controls the content of the rubbish on YouTube and will, in future, be in charge of films about roller skating rodents and idiots leaping off ladders onto concrete. Since YouTube has for two years been acting as the propaganda unit for the WHO, and suppressing medical truths, the new relationship will make no difference to the availability of information about covid-19 and covid-19 jabs. One thing puzzles me. Book burning is widely regarded as a BAD thing. What is the difference between burning books to suppressing information and deleting videos to suppress information? It seems to me that there are plenty of Nazis left in the world – with many of them are gainfully employed by YouTube. Is it true that it is possible to identify all YouTube employees by their jackboots and funny little moustaches? I don’t believe this. Some YouTube employees will probably be male.
According to a report on the uber-excellent Expose website, there were nearly 30,000 more deaths in Europe in 2022 than occurred in 2020 at the height of the alleged pandemic. The covid-19 jab is clearly responsible but the authorities prefer to blame Long Covid, Short Covid and Medium Length Covid. (I’m expecting Scottish Covid and Welsh Covid to appear soon). Knobbly knees are the latest symptom associated with Long Covid. And if you have poor mobile phone reception that’s probably down to Long Covid too. In fact there isn’t anything not caused by Long Covid.
There are so many illegal immigrants crammed into the UK that the British Government is now spending £4 billion a year of its foreign aid budget in Britain. An astonishing total of 194,000 visas have been issued to refugees from Ukraine alone. (When taxes go up shortly, both of The Guardian’s readers will doubtless cheer wildly. Maybe they’d like to get jobs to pay the bills to keep them. The Guardian, by the way, is still promoting global warming. Will someone please tell them that train has left the station? Global warming is yesterday’s fad. Today’s kiddies (and Guardian readers) are now far more interested in playing with their Lego.
Sunak (nee Schwab) is widely being described as a safe pair of hands. What utter bollocks. The Tory party seems capable of finding one incompetent buffoon after another. Sunak allowed the Bank of England to print lorry loads of money to pay for his furlough system and the wastage he oversaw during the fake pandemic. The really stupid ‘eat out to help out’ scheme was one of his. And massive frauds took place on his watch. Printing all that money led directly to the double digit inflation that is now ruining Britain. I wouldn’t employ Sunak to run a lemonade stand. With the aid of his wife and father-in-law he will, I believe, bring us digital currencies, global totalitarianism and slavery. ITV should hire Sunak to join Hancock in Australia. (Might I suggest to the producers of ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ that instead of giving Hancock bugs and larvae to eat they just feed him large doses of midazolam?)

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