Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 31 October 2022

Preferred Pronouns Lit the Path to Covid Science Denialism

The Telegraph (UK) reported an interesting case on October 22. A woman, a victim of a previous sexual assault, went into a private hospital in London for a complex colorectal surgery. During the pre-op clinical assessment involving intimate procedures, she encountered someone she believed was a trans-woman in a blonde wig and make-up who left her feeling uncomfortable.

The patient, who had previously refused to use preferred pronouns, requested an all-female nursing team, saying “mixed sex hospital facilities are unsafe for women.” The CEO replied the hospital “did not share her beliefs” and, because she had caused “unacceptable distress” to the staff, her operation had been cancelled.

Baroness Nicholson, chair of the parliamentary campaign group Children and Women First, has written to the Care Quality Commission calling for an investigation into the “astonishing” development that a hospital would refuse to treat a patient because of different beliefs. Meanwhile a male Muslim prisoner in the US was granted an exemption by a federal court from being strip-searched by a biologically female trans-guard because of his religious beliefs.

Between them, the two cases illustrate how culture wars are intersecting with medical and social practices. Biologically-defined sex-based rights are being pushed aside by the vague, fluid and subjective social constructs of gender identity.

In retrospect, I wonder if the biology-denying drive to self-defined gender identity helped to pave the pathway to the anti-scientific madness of lockdowns, masks and vaccines. The no-limit trans spectrum seems to run from genuine gender confusion to fetishism, perversion, paedophilia, child abuse, misogyny and denial of female same-sex attraction in the insistence that lesbians who refuse to have sex with trans-males are transphobic and gender-critical lesbians are TERFS.

Transgender Successes as Precursor to Science-Denying Covid Policies

Many of us are still trying to puzzle out with Covid just what happened. How did we ignore science and reject data to get to where we are? Well, before Covid, the trans movement was the single most successful drive to displace science and data with ideological dogma, at least in the West. Common elements with the pandemic policy syndrome include:

  • Elevation of feelings above facts, dogma over data;
  • Overturning all existing science, knowledge and understanding of males and females for all of history preconditioned people for throwing out a century’s experience, science and policy settings on pandemic management;
  • Technocrats and experts insisting they know best;
  • Governments being brainwashed or intimidated into conceding and changing laws accordingly;
  • The laws then being used to coerce citizens into compliance;
  • Shame being used as a key psychological tool of emotional manipulation;
  • Biologists and medical personnel, despite knowing the transgender drive was science denialism, became complicit through silence because they chose to keep their heads down;
  • The partnership with Big Tech to “fact-check,” censor and disappear contrary viewpoints;
  • The insistence that experimental interventions are safe and effective;
  • No limit to the collateral harms that are accepted as mere roadkill on the highway to social justice heaven.

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