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Halloween special: Doctors – the scariest clowns around

by Jacqui Deevoy

I recognise genius when I see it and the creator of the scary clown doctor character DrDrMcHonkHonk and his inquisitive – and increasingly fierce – sidekick/adversary Monkeyboy is genius personified times three.

Although he works anonymously, his true identity concealed by unsettling face filters, his sinister – often twisted – take on what’s going on in the world from the point of view of a money-grabbing, big pharma-worshipping GP and a questioning patient, means he now has a huge following on social media.

Like a true fan girl, I tracked him down for a chat. What a lovely guy! Intelligent, modest and witty, I got the impression he knows his worth but is aware that his comedy will never reach the mainstream. Not that he cares. He’s not doing this for fame and fortune – he has a real world job that he loves (and it’s that job which prevents him from revealing who he really is): he’s doing it to wake people up to the horror and insanity of the last three years.

“I’m doing my best to stay under the radar,” says the man himself, “but it’s not really working. A few people have twigged who I am, but have fortunately kept quiet. I’m walking a tightrope, but I’ll not stop.”

The disgusting doctor and the curious chimp have now appeared in over 40 videos. From ‘The Pfizer Prayer’ (in which DrDr McHonkHonk forces Monkeyboy to recite – in Latin – a prayer to the crooked pharmaceutical giant) through to ‘The Speed Of Science’ (in which the manic medic explains how science REALLY works), the intent is clear and the madness is exposed.

Even the sleepy-eyed disciples of MSM propaganda cannot deny that these work-of-art sketches and songs are making some very good points. In their raw honesty and undeniable cleverness, the creator is calling out the emperor big-time. He’s pointing a finger, refusing to accept the lies we’ve all been told; he’s telling it like it is and is unapologetically and metaphorically prising the viewers’ eyes open, fixing them in place with matchsticks and forcing them to see that they’ve been lied to.

It’s not important that this man – writer, comedian, chameleon, observer, commentator – has to remain anonymous for now; what’s important is that his characters are seen and his words are heard. The disguises, the characters he creates, and even his own anonymity, do not detract from the message. They magnify it.

He’s surprised at how popular McHonkHonk and Monkeyboy have become. “I really didn’t expect it to catch on like it did, as I only started doing it to convince friends who were on the fence!”

Through his sketches and songs, he tears off the new clothes of allopathic psychopathic medics and encourages the public to be more like Monkeyboy and to question everything. “Monkeyboy’s attitude was always going to track alongside how I judged the mood of the public to be. Scared-questioning-ridicule-outright defiance, he mirrors public reaction. At first, many people complied but then, like Monkeyboy, they became suspicious and started asking questions. And now, like MB, they’re angry. And rightfully so.”

He adds: “If my videos can get people thinking whilst making them laugh at the same time, then I’m a happy man.”

Honk honk!

Here’s his latest song – They Despise Our Kind. It is – as ever – a work of genius.

Happy Halloween from the scariest doctor in town!

Follow DrDrMcHonkHonk on Telegram and Gettr. (Like me and many other truthers, he’s banned on Twitter.)

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