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When Cult-owned ‘celebs’ tell you to eat bugs – just like Bill Gates – you know it’s a Cult scam

Insects are a regular staple to more than 2 billion people across Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and are a good source of protein – and now even the A-listers eat them.

What do Angelina Jolie, Zac Efron and Justin Timberlake have in common? They love eating bugs. Hardly surprising, as insects are regular staples to more than two billion people worldwide in vasts areas across as Asia, Africa, South and Central America – and represent a remarkably solid source of protein. But which other A-list celebrities are fond of these creepy critters?

Angelina and kids

Fancy going to the Jolie household for dinner? Angelina Jolie and her kids love eating insects and spiders and have been doing so for years. Angelina says that her boys love to eat crickets. And she told the BBC while making a docu-film in Cambodia in 2011 that after starting with crickets you then move up to tarantulas. Bugs are part of their regular household diet. She says that Maddox and Pax eat crickets like they are Doritos.

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