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The ‘Health Secretary’ for a matter of days when she knew NOTHING about health is now the Environment Secretary who knows NOTHING about the environment

The Environment Secretary has said been criticised for saying she uses “permanent cups” to tackle global warming amid continuing pressure on the Prime Minister over his decision not to attend the COP27 global climate summit next month.

During an interview with BBC Breakfast on Friday morning, Thérèse Coffey stumbled when asked what she was personally doing to address the climate crisis.

The newly appointed Environment Secretary said: “I’ve always tried to keep the good habits that I got into when I was Environment Minister before, so the use of kind of cups as it were, to be about permanent cups that we can recycle properly or reuse I think is a better way of doing it.

“We just all have to keep thinking about the amount of packaging we endure or food waste and other elements like that.

“So I’ll be getting back very much being a champion for those habits, which is about improving what we can do every day in order to help tackle the environmental challenges we face.”

Ms Coffey’s comments with met with criticism on social media, with some viewers expressing scepticism over her climate credentials.

It comes as the new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, comes under increasing pressure after No 10 said he would not attend the COP27 climate summit, which will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt from 6 November.

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