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Your Government is Your Enemy

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Guardian said of Vernon Coleman: ‘His trademark is that he doesn’t mince words’ and The Sun described him as ‘Britain’s leading health care campaigner’.

Here are some facts which prove that your government is your enemy:

  1. In future in the UK folic acid will be added to bread. The aim is to stop children being born with birth defects. Traditionally this relatively small problem (in numbers) has been avoided by prescribing folic acid supplements for pregnant women. But one or two women didn’t or wouldn’t take their folic acid. So everyone in Britain who eats bread will be dosed with folic acid they didn’t ask for and probably don’t need. There are, of course, potential side effects with any drug. The side effects with folic acid include fever, weakness, shortness of breath, skin rash, gastro-intestinal disturbances, impaired judgement, depression, confusion, difficulty in concentrating and increased risk of fits in some epileptic patients. And, of course, folic acid can cause allergy problems. If you eat bread you’ll be taking a folic acid supplement. What will they add next?
  2. James Cleverly, who was apparently Foreign Secretary when I wrote this but has probably been replaced by a wardrobe by now, said football fans going to Quatar should ‘be respectful of the host nation’ where same sex activity is illegal. Cleverly said: ‘These are Muslim countries, they have a very different cultural starting point for us. I think it’s important when you’re a visitor to a country that you respect the culture of your host nation.’ Excellent point: all those visiting or living in a country should respect the culture of the host nation.
  3. Pubs, shops, restaurants, post offices and pharmacies are now closing for two days a week because they cannot afford to stay open. Trains and buses are cutting services. Restaurants are shut for days at a time. Schools are planning to close for one or two days a week or to work shorter days. Out of control inflation, strikes, shortages of staff, excessive red tape and bureaucracy and soaring wages are all responsible. Councils have put up car park charges so much that shoppers park for as little time as they need to do their essential shopping. They no longer browse or go for coffee and a bun. (Even if they can afford the coffee and the bun.) Nearly half of all hospitality businesses have cut their opening hours – admitting that it’s either that or permanent closure.

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