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The evolution of the Volkswagen logo: how has it changed over the years?

Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. There are dozens of different Volkswagen car models, and it took more than 80 years to reach everything it has to offer today. These days the logo of Volkswagen is well known and can be easily recognized even from a distance. Not everyone knows this simple circle with “V” and “W” letters inside has a colorful and powerful history.

Volkswagen was founded in Germany in 1937. It was a project driven by the German government, which wanted to motorize the citizens of Germany. In that time motorized vehicles were expensive, so it was hard to afford them. According to the government, it was a big problem that had to be solved. But what does it have in common with the given name?

“Volkswagen” is a compound word consisting of two different German words. The first word “Volks” means “people”, meanwhile the other “Wagen” means “car”. So it is easy to guess that the combination of these words means “People’s car”. The first letters of both of these german words were used to create a logo that maintains the same design principles for years.

How did the Volkswagen logo change over time?

The first logo was unique because it helped to represent the government with the help of symbolism. Nevertheless, it was used only for two years and was changed right after the beginning of World War II in 1939. The renewed version of the second logo was simpler. The symbolic elements were removed and only the parts of a tooth-wheel around the circle remained until the end of World War II in 1945. The third generation of a logo became similar to what we have today. Additional elements around the circle disappeared, the letters inside the logo became bigger and wider.

In 1960 Volkswagen entered the international market. To maintain the global image, major changes in the logo were necessary. The designers decided to add a square outside the circle. It was the only logo in Volkswagen’s history that had a square shape. After seven years, the recently added squire was removed and hadn’t returned again.

Until 2019 Volkswagen logo changed 5 times. During this modern period, the added blue color became an essential part of the logo. According to the manufacturer, the iconic blue color helped to express its vision – reliability, purity, and strength. Regardless of the modernization process, in 2019 Volkswagen logo became black and minimalistic once again.

The use of Volkswagen logo in today’s market

Today Volkswagen logos can be easily found on genuine vw parts. They are commonly used as a symbol that helps to discover the origin of the part. Logos are also used on cars. Unfortunately, over time they lose their look and have to be changed into new ones.

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