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The Convenience of Empty Leg Flights

Flight costs have significantly increased in the last couple of years. The planes flying to and fro above us in the skies are no longer accessible. However, what if we said you could make the same trip at lower costs? 

You might be a frequent flier looking for a cheap, last-minute booking in a private plane or an enthusiastic flier looking for a first-time private jet experience. With empty-leg flights offered by Kull Jet Aero, anything is possible. 

What is an Empty Leg Flight? 

An empty-leg flight doesn’t just exist to upgrade eager passengers from a commercial plane to a private jet. Sure, it might offer travelers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly in a private jet for a unique experience. However, people who usually travel in private jets usually opt for these flights. 

An empty-leg flight is a plane scheduled to take off without cargo or passengers. These planes usually drop off their loads and must reach their home base. They might also have been booked at another airport and must arrive on time. 

These flights will usually spend a lot of fuel and related costs by reaching their destination with no passengers. This encourages them to sell seats for a lower price. 

How Does an Empty Leg Flight Work?

An empty-leg flight is usually offered when the private jet has no option but to sell off its seats at a lower price. The situation arises when a person books a one-way jet, in which case the jet needs to return to home base for other bookings. 

These flights usually appear at the last minute, and there is no way to plan them. They don’t have set routes, and you may only have a few hours to book them before they take off. At this point, the private jet charges you for the fuel and other amenities on the flight to make up for the cost. 

Benefits of an Empty Leg Flight

Some of the benefits that an empty-leg flight offers include:

  1. Convenience: You don’t have to wait in line to book your flight. You can simply book it and hop on!
  2. Comfort: Flying in a private jet means having that privacy and the luxury of extra leg space. 
  3. Affordability: Empty-leg flights are a great way to experience all the amenities of a private jet at a lower price. 
  4. Fast: Private jets will take you directly to your destination. The only thing they might stop for is fuel. 
  5. Luxury: Private jets are a luxurious experience from the moment you step on till the end of the journey. You can enjoy beverages, food, in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and more!

How to Book an Empty Leg Flight

Empty-leg flights usually don’t cost much, but you do have to plan for them in advance. Since the flights might appear and disappear from time to time, it is important to subscribe to alerts, call the airline, or refresh their portal if they have one. 

Kull Jet Aero offers frequent empty leg flights regularly updated on their page. Refresh the page to load any new empty leg flights that might have appeared. You can also contact them to get more information on any new updates. 

Final Thoughts 

Empty leg flights can also be a great investment if you have missed your flight or are a regular private jet flier who can’t find a private jet to book. 

Book an empty leg flight if you want to experience the luxury of private jets without putting a hole in your pocket. Keep an eye out for the constant changes in flight schedules and book it once you come across a relevant destination. 

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