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How Businesses are softening up the Public for a Chinese-Style Social Credit System

In a truly remarkable and brazen gaslighting of individual rights and freedoms, ABC Finance Limited conducted a survey asking how Brits viewed the idea of social credit scoring. It’s not clear when this survey was conducted but from the wording, it would appear it was conducted before 2020.

For anyone who has been following the true nature of events over the past few years, it comes as no surprise that financial institutions are ahead of the pack when it comes to an attempt to control people and their behaviour through money, even though it is our earnings which these institutions are using as the tool against us.

As our regular readers will be aware, they are using covert forms of a social credit system in their never-ending attempt to shut The Exposé down.

The latest attempt was last weekend. The Exposé’s account was frozen and the donations in the account were “temporarily” blocked.

What “temporarily” practically means is not clear. But not allowing access to one’s own funds is tantamount to theft.

It also demonstrates that the social credit system is already here and ready to be rolled out.

All that is now required is public acceptance, whether that be through indoctrination that this is “for the common good” or creating the illusion it is inevitable and so cannot be stopped.

Neither is true. We must not let these control freaks take control of our lives. We must resist in every way we can.

A Psychological Operation to Get the Public Used to the Idea of a Social Credit Score
ABC Finance is a privately owned company established in 2000 and based in Staffordshire, UK. It arranges property finance for commercial and residential property. With less than 10 employees it boasts a focus on a “family business mentality of caring” for its customers. Most would argue that the removal of all rights and freedoms through a Chinese-style social credit score is not a “mentality of caring.” But from the appearance of their survey, ‘Is the UK Ready for a Social Credit System?’, this seems to be what they are promoting.

We’re all familiar with ‘credit scores’, where financial institutions track how responsible you are with your hard-earned money to assign you a value determining the loans and cards you are eligible to apply for.

However, a new scoring system being trialled in China (set to become standard practice by 2020) and currently under consideration in Europe is far less discussed despite the fact it may eventually become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

Surviving The Social Credit Score, ABC Finance Limited, Unknown Date
“Set to become standard practice by 2020” implies this survey was done before 2020, at a time when even the UK government appeared to value individual rights and freedoms. How many of us were aware that a Chinese-style social credit system was under consideration in Europe before the implementation of the Covid arm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

ABC Finance goes on to tell us what plans were under consideration at that time:

This system monitors a lot more than your financial savviness. It involves governmental and financial institutions ranking your everyday behaviour – both online and via CCTV monitoring – and has been dubbed the “social credit score.”

Essentially, everything from the way you spend your money and behave on social media to the people you associate with would affect your score and whether you are rewarded or punished.

Surviving The Social Credit Score, ABC Finance Limited, Unknown Date
So, ABC Finance surveyed to gauge if the UK was ready for it, not to gauge whether the public agreed with it or not but on the basis that it was a fait accompli.

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