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Toby you can see that free speech is disappearing, but after that you have no idea what’s really going on – ‘Those who see the hand of the WEF or Bilderberg or Bill Gates in all this are not cynics, but romantics. They cannot bring themselves to believe that sheer human folly could have brought us to such a point.’ The ‘folly’ Toby is the inability of so many to see the obvious – like the global coordination of events. If you can’t see it now – will you ever??

So, Rishi Sunak will shortly be installed as our new Prime Minister – the fifth since 2016. Indeed, Prince Charles is already on his second PM and he hasn’t even been crowned yet, suggesting he may break his mother’s record of appointing 15 during her reign. You wait 70 years for a coronation and then two come along at once!

My email box is filling up with people claiming this is a WEF-orchestrated coup. The evidence is overwhelming, they say. Here’s the Naked Emperor on the case for prosecution:

His father-in-law, Narayana Murthy, is an Indian billionaire and founder of Infosys. In 2005 Narayana was co-chair of the WEF’s annual event, along with Bill Gates. Infosys has partnered with the WEF to deliver digital services which to many look like social credit systems and biometric IDs.

Infosys runs India’s digital ID scheme called Aadhar and Rishi’s wife owns just under 1% of the company. That doesn’t sound a lot but it means she gets £11.5 million in dividends every year.

Rishi is also a keen Central Bank Digital Currencies advocate.

Mr Sunak’s former hedge fund was heavily invested in Moderna and he refused to say whether he would profit from the Covid vaccine.

Here’s a nice photo of Rishi with the National Farmers’ Union President wearing her nice shiny WEF Agenda 2030 badge.

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