Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 24 October 2022

The Jaymie Icke Show | Launching this Wednesday on Ickonic…

What is the Jaymie Icke Show?

It’s a brand-new programme where each week I’ll be tackling the issues that matter most to you. Going where others are too scared to go.

Every week I’ll talk to a variety of guests covering a range of subjects relevant to now, searching for a way to navigate towards the light in a world that can appear so dark.

We live in uncertain and turbulent times, with the decisions from those in control very rarely in our interests, we’re not mere pawns in the game, and it’s time for us to take back our control, now.

Remember, it all starts with you…Launching 7pm Wednesday 26th October.

Ickonic is the home of life-transforming films, uncensored news and empowering original series.


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