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Time for Doctors and Politicians to Stop Ignoring the Devastating Data on the Fake Vaccines and Change Course

Aside from lobbying for changes in Covid polices, a key purpose of the 50-plus open letters that the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance has written to Government, regulators, decision-makers and individuals over the last two and a half years has been to create a paper trail of accountability.

When the day of reckoning eventually arrives, these publicly published and dated letters provide evidence that those making and implementing destructive and unethical policies cannot claim that they were unaware of the potential harms of their actions.

Following the stunning admission by the Pfizer executive Janine Small in the EU Parliament on October 11th 2022, that the COVID-19 vaccines were never tested to see if they prevented transmission of SARS-CoV-2 because they were “working at the speed of science”, it is well worth reading through the very first letter we sent – to Matt Hancock, MHRA and JCVI – in November 2020, just before the vaccines were approved under conditional authorisation by the MHRA.

This 14-page, fully referenced letter detailing our serious safety and ethical concerns relating to a premature and rushed rollout of any COVID-19 vaccine, was sent in a desperate (and failed) attempt to stop them going ahead with authorisation. We had four subsections of concern, with a wealth of referenced evidence to substantiate each area:

  1. Overestimation of the public health risk from SARS-CoV-2.
  2. Inadequate assessment of the public health risk from a Covid vaccine.
  3. Medical freedom and informed consent.
  4. Media claims and misinformation.

Many people will be astonished at the evidence we presented, easily found in the public domain in the Autumn of 2020, by studying the trial data available and the published literature, and also by considering the situation from an ethical and legal standpoint using long established principles.

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